7 Things Every Gamer Needs to Become a Gaming Pro

Are you thinking about joining the gamer community? If you are, you're not alone. According to the Entertainment Software Industry, 164 million American adults enjoy gaming, and that number continues to grow with each year. However, as any gamer ...

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6 Best Android Camera Phones for Mobile Film Making

If you’re into photography & videography and willing to opt for a smartphone that offers a camera good enough to make you get into film making procedure, then there's a pool of choices for you. Especially if you're an Android junky, it will be ...

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MacBook vs Windows: Here’s why people switch to Mac


The boomer debate on who is better than whom when it came to the world of PCs and MacBook’s is not at all new, given that you keep yourself updated about novel gadgets and technology. The triggering thought of switching from PC to Mac is a common ...

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5 Simple Ways to Prevent Loss of Data in Microsoft 365

Every business is likely to use Microsoft 365 on their computers and handheld devices. Although Microsoft is a trusted and well-known brand and does all it can to promote safety, there are still ways you should look at preventing loss of data within ...

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Three Cybersecurity Changes to Make Before Switching to Remote Working

Whether you’ve been forced to switch your business to a remote working model due to the coronavirus pandemic or are considering giving employees more freedom to work from home thanks to the many clear benefits that it provides for both parties, one ...

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Business Operations You Should Be Prioritizing During the Pandemic

Pandemic business

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot in the months since it started, both for businesses and their customers alike. Companies now need to pay special attention to certain aspects of their operation if they want to survive, and priorities have ...

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