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Posted on July 16, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

There are a huge number of things to consider when you are working on optimizing your website/blog to achieve a better page ranking. It is not sufficient if you concentrate only on the on-page factors even the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has to be considered when you want to improve your position in search results. Only making the search engines to crawl your website and the internal pages shouldn’t be the main priority. It is also important that your pages creep up in these search engines in order to make people click on them. The Digital Media Agency helps in improving your site’s SEO. However here are some tricks that can be implemented manually by you in order to better your site hence increasing your traffic and the visitor count:


  • Match your title with keywords: There are many people who just have a glance at the first two words of the title displayed on the search pages, in order to grab the attention of the visitors you can place the keywords in the title that serves a lot even in the search engine identification.
  • Usage of Meta tags: The Meta tag is the one that is mainly focused on by the search engines. They provide two spaces where you can write the description of the site that is relevant and informative. It should be brief and should be easily understood buy the users. It is important that you limit the description to 160 words to avoid search engines considering it as spam.
  • Earn genuine backlinks: You can never think above the fold in increasing your PR if you don’t have any backlinks to your site. The factor you should be most cautious about is “avoid irrelevant backlinks”; as this may make your site look like spam. Accept only the backlinks that are appropriate for your site data.
  • Design a site map: The spiders cannot index the pages that are not crawled by them, to prevent this you can design a site map that can be crawled by the spiders and help them in understanding your site’s hierarchy. This will be really helpful if the site is huge; also you should have no more than 75 links per page. [e.g:]
  • Create a Google Penguin resistant site: You may have a huge amount of traffic from Google today but how about tomorrow? Will the traffic be the same if Google update its algorithm? The best solution for this concern is to have a subscribed based content and newsletter that hold the customer traffic irrespective to Google’s rating. This article might be of some interest to you: What Works after the Penguin Update
  • Make use of sources available: Let us consider the example of YouTube that acquires the most discussed, most wanted and most viewed videos. There may be plenty of the videos that are irrelevant to your theme, however you find few videos that can used as inspiration for your new or upcoming theme.
  • Provide a share option: The share option that offers the post to be shared on the social networking sites brings the real traffic to your site. Visitor number will multiply rapidly, increasing your page rank considerably.

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