Apple iPhone 6S : A Late Bloomer

Posted on November 3, 2015 by Nikhil P Naik

Apple has made quite a few changes to their latest released model of the iPhone 6S under the hood. But these changes, as compared to some of their older models, is innovative and compelling which simply adds to their strength.

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Whenever Apple announced the launch of any of their S model, they came up with something exciting. The iPhone 4S came with the digital assistant – Siri. The iPhone 5S lured the customers with a fingerprint scanner. And the iPhone 6S? It is simply a bet on what is to come.

It weighs 14 grams more and is 0.2 millimetres thicker than its predecessor. The difference is hardly noticeable but the device has received a harder aluminium housing. For the first time they introduced a rose gold version, which is very much close to the pink color.

The S-generations have a problem: At the first glance only marginal updates can be seen i.e. the same exterior with better specs. The iPhone 6S had to fight hard with the Bend gate scandal. Because the new, thinner aluminium case turned out to be too flexible in both the previous models. Each generation iPhone was sold well, many potential buyers are still waiting, until the next S-generation has eliminated the inconsistencies.  In addition to the housing of new material, the cameras have been completely redesigned on the front and back. The faster A9 chipset works with now two gigabytes of memory.The display is now powered by 3D Touch.

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The iPhone 6S has a 12-megapixel main camera and 5-megapixel front camera. Compared to the iPhone 6, photos clicked on 6S are more detailed and sharper. Also shooting at night and in low light look better. Also for the selfies to succeed in the dark, there is the function called “Retina Flash”. Here, the display lights up in maximum brightness for a short period of time to click the the picture. Considering that it is really just a workaround, the results are quite acceptable. The optical image stabilizer did not make it into the normal iPhone 6S and is still found only in the Plus version. As mentioned previously, the 6S in built with a 5MP front camera making live a heaven for the selfie-queens. For those looking for selfie sticks, you can find this on Gearbest with free shipping

3D Touch is a good approach, which hopefully gets fine-tuned with the next iOS update . Everything else are mainly detail improvements, which are indeed welcome, but it maybe difficult to justify the purchase of iPhone 6S, if you already have an iPhone 6. This is of course unless one is annoyed about the speed and accuracy of the fingerprint sensor from the iPhone 6 and is willing to spend at least 739 euros to buy it. Or just because it’s really impressive to see how quickly and reliably the iPhone 6S fingerprint unlocks the phone, compared to all other smartphones.

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The new iPhones are better in the hand. This is also has to do with the better casing that it comes with. In the S-Class 7000 series aluminium is used. These are not completely aluminium, but an aluminium-zinc alloy. And a Bend test proved: The new housing can no longer bend unless hydraulic pressure is applied onto it. Has anything else done on the look of the iPhone? No. And that’s expecting too much from an iPhone intermediate generation.

Apple has learned from some of their earlier nightmares and tried to make the new iPhone stable. However, the flaw are from the iPhone 6 have been transferred to the iPhone 6S: The plastic tab for the antennas and the protruding camera lens that looks like a wart on the bottom-smooth aluminium housing.  But instead has stronger aluminium built and a more stable front glass by its own account.

Should the 6S slip out of your hand, hopefully it will survive the fall. In addition, Apple also has additional seals mounted in the housing. While it is not claimed to be waterproof as per IP standards, some users report but that the 6S submersion survives up to an hour. The new generation really feels different – Robust. Anyone who now denounces me as a fan-boy, I can only recommend: Go into the nearby Apple Store, Snap up an iPhone 6S and make a direct comparison.

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