IVR Testing Solutions: An Overview

Posted on November 18, 2014 by Nikhil P Naik

Interactive voice response (IVR) system automates communication with callers, and is capable to answer commonly asked questions and perform a number of other tasks. Over the years, IVR has emerged as a highly popular technological means to reduce cost of customer service and improve efficiency. IVR system has been utilized in telecommunication industry for a long time now, and is now being introduced in automobile industry to facilitate hands free operation. Enterprises all over the world are availing the benefits of IVR to reduce the costs of sales, service delivery, and support. However, in order to make the most of the option, IVR testing solutions are a necessity.

IVR testing


Applications of IVR Solutions

Employed by businesses from various industries, IVR solutions are widely used to:

  • Support banking services, stock agencies
  • Conduct public surveys and polls by private firms
  • Answer in-bound voice mails
  • Provide information such as product information, movie schedule, etc.

What is IVR Testing?

An IVR, at times, can be a very complex system, which cannot be utilized to its full advantage without proper testing. The manufacturers and system designers of IVR solutions test the functionality of the system before it is delivered to the client. IVR testing solutions ensures that your system is ready to be used by your customers and support staff. Testing provides a stress-free and reliable operation guarantee of this voice technology. An efficient testing methodology is required as testing every IVR menu branch requires a lot of time and effort and is also not trustworthy.

Aspects of IVR Testing Solutions

An IVR system is thoroughly tested to ensure proper operation, which includes the following:

  • Capability to rightly identify human voice patterns or DTMF digits entered
  • Capability to rightly select and play predefined messages during calls
  • Compatibility with internal devices such as SSP
  • Operating efficiency during heavy loading conditions

How is an IVR System Tested?

An automatic IVR testing procedure can be executed by the help of:

  • DTMF records
  • Detection of voice energy
  • Broadband audio tones
  • Widespread conditional branching sequences

IVR testing is done by sending voice files or DTMF entries over varied interfaces and applications. Testing of all features of an IVR taking care of every associated functionality. A verification process is initiated to test the inter-working ability of the IVR and how well it can direct the signal to internal devices (SSP) so as to perform the functions desired by the customer on the call. Test for the stability of the system to ensure that quality services are provided even during peak traffic hours. Automation test of IVR to make it certain that the system is available for 24/7 support to your callers.

Advantages of IVR Testing

IVR testing solutions improve the efficiency and performance of an IVR system and reduces the chances of complexity and error in its functionality.

  • Adequate monitoring of IVR system for the quality of voice and data
  • Automated testing for call connection and other functions through scripts
  • Test for round trip delay in voice process testing
  • Ensures quality services to customers

IVR testing solutions are an important requirement in order to ensure world-class support services for your customers. IVR testing is a rigorous process and any flaw in the testing methodology used can lead to malfunctioning of the IVR systems. IVR testing solutions must be availed from a well-known service provide so that you are assured of stress free operation of your IVR system. A well operating IVR system will surely improve customer satisfaction and in turn enhance your sales.

If you too are looking for an IVR solution or testing, make sure that the provider you select has adequate experience in the field. It is beneficial to go through the customer reviews about the services of the IVR testing solutions provider so as to choose the right one for your system.

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