HP Announces ProLiant Gen8 Servers

HP today announced the self-sufficient line of servers of the ProLiant Gen8 series, which the company unveiled last month. The new generation of servers, are the result of a $300 million, two-year program called Project Voyager, one of the major step ...

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3 Best Rugged Phones with Best Features

If you’re the rugged, outdoorsy type, you’ll need a cell phone to go along with you in your travels. Some cell phones are more suited to rough and tumble outdoor use than others. It’s a good idea to pick a cell phone that has been specifically ...

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How To Manipulate Web Page To Trick Others

You must have come across hundreds of websites putting up Banners such as "Make Money Online", "Earn Money from home without investments", "Online form Filling Jobs", "Earn money by Reading E-mails" and many as such. It's all part of daily scams for ...

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How to watch Netflix Outside the US

If you are a U.S. citizen travelling abroad or live outside the U.S. you must have noticed that it is not possible to view Netflix directly as you would require a U.S. IP-Adress to View Netflix. For watching movies on Netflix, it is necessary that ...

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5 Tips to Keep your Smartphone Safe


Smartphones have made communication, delivery of information and the handling of day-to-day tasks easier for millions. However, with the convenience of this new technology comes the responsibility to protect it from potential danger. As with their ...

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Quick Way To Download Youtube Videos

Youtube Logo

Here is a simple method to Download Youtube Videos without having to open other Youtube Video converting sites or by pasting video URLs and waiting for it to rip the video. This is just a one step process.   Go to Youtube and Play ...

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