Top Travel Apps


Travel can be confusing and costly and even more-so when there's no tour guide in sight. Luckily, smartphone users can choose from a variety of apps to make the transition a little easier. Whether the goal is simply to get from point A to point B, or ...

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How To Download Torrent Files On Mobiles


How to Download Torrent on Mobile Phones Here is a detailed Guide on How to Download Torrent on Mobile Phones. Most of you who love watching movies on mobiles or your smartphone device might be wondering actually this can done. This doesn't ...

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How to Run Turbo C++ In Full-Screen on Windows 7 / Vista

Turbo c++

Turbo C is an one of the essential coding application in every software developer's life. It is one of the most crucial elements in coding a software or any other application. Here is a detailed procedure on How to Install Turbo C++ In Full-Screen in ...

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The Top VLC Player Tricks

VLC player tricks

VLC player tricks VLC player can do a lot of added things above your imagination. It has got almost all codecs that helps it to play any video format. I found a few VLC player tricks, some of which you wouldn't be knowing about. So, I thought it ...

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Fake Status Update From Different Gadgets In Facebook To Trick people


Want to update your Facebook status via different Costly Gadgets & devices such as: Blackberry, iPhone, Android etc... without actually using them? Its possible! Sometime You might have noticed that your friends updating Facebook Status using ...

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