How to Run Turbo C++ In Full-Screen on Windows 7 / Vista

Turbo c++

Turbo C is an one of the essential coding application in every software developer's life. It is one of the most crucial elements in coding a software or any other application. Here is a detailed procedure on How to Install Turbo C++ In Full-Screen in ...

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The Top VLC Player Tricks

VLC player tricks

VLC player tricks VLC player can do a lot of added things above your imagination. It has got almost all codecs that helps it to play any video format. I found a few VLC player tricks, some of which you wouldn't be knowing about. So, I thought it ...

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Fake Status Update From Different Gadgets In Facebook To Trick people


Want to update your Facebook status via different Costly Gadgets & devices such as: Blackberry, iPhone, Android etc... without actually using them? Its possible! Sometime You might have noticed that your friends updating Facebook Status using ...

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