Still not convinced with Office 365?


You might not see it tangibly, but you’re missing on a TON (I repeat: A TON) of productivity features that Office 365 has in store for you. Here are just 5 reasons to convince yourself why you need Microsoft 365 right now. The most common ...

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How to Password Protect Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome Browsers

Password Protect Internet Browsers

Here is a guide on How to protect the various Internet Browsers using Password. This can be done manually and requires no additional plugins or add-ons. Here are the ways to lock your browsers and maintain privacy: Password Protecting Internet ...

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The Genius of Mobile Apps: Constant Connections

mind reader

Mobile users now account for more than 40% of Internet page views and, if current trends are anything to go by, this number is only going to increase in the coming months and years. With this in mind, most modern apps now need to be all things to all ...

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How Technology has Enhanced sports


Anyone who has been watching the ongoing Ashes cricket series between England and Australia will have seen first hand the advancements in technology that sport now takes advantage of. Cricket is one of the many sports that have embraced new ...

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Tips to keep your Information safe while shopping online


When shopping online, you need to keep your personal information and bank details safe at all time. Online shopping can be secure, fast and convenient, but also a dangerous place for your personal details. Here are some tips to help you keep ...

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Making Sense of Optimism – #LookUpStories


People often see optimism as a way to deceive themselves and not worry about addressing problems (problems commonly encountered in daily-life or be it any serious issue). Not that I like pessimism, but in general: we prefer considering ourselves as ...

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