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Did you Check Out Logitech’s Latest Washable Keyboards?

Posted on August 28, 2012 by Travis Ramsy

Logitech’s washable keyboards is here. Say goodbye to dirt and grime and say a big hello to cleaner computers and more sanitized workstations. It’s all thanks to Logitech’s all-new washable and spill-proof keyboard K310, which is the latest in the series of cool accessories that the company has launched. So have you checked out the washable…

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NVIDIA’S GeForce GTX 690 Graphics Processor Performance Review

Posted on August 26, 2012 by Travis Ramsy

Like the central processing unit, the graphics processing unit (GPU) is a vital unit that drives and monitors the visual functioning of an electronic device. Graphics processing unit together with central processing unit forms the core of a present day electronic device or system. GPUs are integral to the functioning of present day embedded systems,…

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