Android: The Savior For Small Businesses?

Posted on June 9, 2014 by Nikhil P Naik

Android mobile operating system has been a huge success, not only because it offers excellent customization options but also because it comes with no cost. What it means is that mobile phone manufacturers can produce low cost phones that can be used by almost all types of customers. As small businesses can’t afford to spend too much money on cell phones for their employees, low cost solutions offered by different OEMs, running on Android, can work wonders for them.

android for business

Why Android:

Android is the go-to choice for small businesses for a reason, well, for many reasons. Some of them are given here. It is flexible, is updated more frequently, offers huge customization options, better control over resources and hardware, is open source and costs nothing to the manufacturers. It is also the most dominant operating system, available on more than 80% of cell phones worldwide. It is also available for a wide variety of hardware and screen sizes, making it an excellent option for almost everybody.

The cost factor:

Due to its flexibility in handling every type of hardware, Android costs little, particularly so when a business buys them in bulk. Androids offer the best value for the buck. And with Android being updated regularly, enterprises can take advantage of newer options and features while not undertaking the exercise of changing the entire inventory of cell phones. Android is not only about low end solutions though, it runs some of the most astounding cell phones as well like Samsung’s Note 3 and Galaxy S4, HTC One and LG G2. In fact, they are quite popular among the top echelons of an enterprise.

Android for enterprise:

For enterprises off the shelf products normally don’t serve the purpose. But when it comes to cost cutting, low cost Androids are the best option they can get. Maybe they don’t offer the comfort or tactile feedback of a physical keyboard, but they sure can offer a robust environment where company IT managers can make the best use of the features of even these low cost Androids. As they fit in well with all types of other hardware, like the costly Galaxy line or Nokia’s Lumia line, they make a perfect solution for a small business’s tech needs. Moreover, Android’s security features aimed at pleasing the enterprises make it an ideal candidate for this task.

The competition:

Android’s competitors, Apple’s iOS, Microsoft’s Windows Phone and BlackBerry’s BB10, all of them have problems of their own. BB10 is not as cutting edge as it once was; iOS is a highly costly solution while WP8 is not yet mature enough to withstand business demands. It is also far behind in app selection yet. The only platform that can address the concerns of a small business is the Android. Its flexibility, low-spec demands to run and a vast selection of apps make it a perfect solution for small businesses. In fact, it can save them more than few bucks and thus help them grow.

Androids are the only phones that can perform well in every type of situation and in the hands of every kind of users. Variety in hardware, maturity of the platform, app selection, low cost factor, customization options and a better control for IT managers make Androids the best choice for small businesses.

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