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Posted on December 18, 2013 by Nikhil P Naik

I have been a big fan of software tools that are free for personal use and today I’ve got my eyes on another another such tool that helps you manage the partitions quickly and easily. We are talking about the Easeus Partition Master that offers everything you need for managing partitions, regardless of whether you are running on a 32 bit or 64 bit system. To obtain a better insight of the product, let’s head further.


EASEUS Partition Master facilitates the user’s task of managing the hard disk partition of the system. It allows the users to Create, Delete, Resize/Move, Merge, Split, Wipe or Format partitions without losing their valuable data. The tool is round about 20MB in size and focuses entirely on partitioning.  One of the important feature lies in the ability to work with large disks with ease. Usually when it comes to large partitions, we come across tools which tends to get frozen at a particular point of time while it is performing a creation or partition of the disk. But with Easeus Partition Master, you are sure to have a smooth experience. You also have the option to run an integrated test to check individual partitions for bad sectors.

Here is the GUI of the software. Looks neat and really simple. The tool provides basic and advanced functions and is very much suitable even for beginners with it’s user friendly interface.

easeus partition master

The program can even begin to exercise directly after installation without the need to reboot the system. Just install and launch the software. The user then is presented with a list of all hard drives and partitions present in the system.

The Easeus Partition Master was developed mainly to improve Windows performance by increasing the native partition, but the tool also brings general partition management functions .  In addition, the Easeus Partition Master provides the ability to hide complete partitions, so as to be sure to protect data from the prying eyes.

As you can see below, almost every tool function has a symbol against it so that the user does not miss on any of the functions. All the operations that can be performed on the disk are specfied on the left hand side. User can choose on any of the desired operation. Almost all the operations consists of just one-click execution.

Operations on the drive

Suppose that the user would like  to explore the first option among the list of ‘Operations‘ presented on the left. The operation is that of ‘Resize/Move Partition‘. All that he has to do is to click on that particular option upon which he is presented with another window. Here the size and the location for the new partition is to be specified. After that? Nothing else, just hit the ‘OK‘ button and sit back. The task is put into action and within a span of few seconds the task is completed.

Resize Partition

Key features of EaseUS Partition Master:
  • Extend NTFS system partition without reboot
  • Change your partition size without data loss
  • Merge two adjacent partitions without data loss
  • Restore partition after accidental deletion or loss
  • Copy disk/partition for data transfer or backup
Other Highlighting Features:

* Partition Manager Solution – Resize/Move, Create, Delete, Merge, Split, Wipe or Format partitions to make better use of hard drive capacity.

* Disk/Partition Copy Solution – Easily upgrade/migrate/copy disk and volumes for data protection or disk upgrade, no Windows system reinstallation required.

* Partition Recovery Solution – Recover deleted or lost partition on unallocated space or recover lost partition after repartitioned hard drive.

* System Performance Optimization – Safely maximizing PC performance under Windows and WinPE based bootable disk.

The Latest version of Easeus Partition Master ( v9.3) was released about a couple of days back. Here are some of the improved functionalities that it’s got to offer:

* Better compatibility with the latest OS Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2.

* New algorithm shortens the time and lowers CPU usage during running the program.

* Greatly increase the stability of partition resizing and moving.

* More humanized interface brings better user experience.

* Faster activation and installation process from trial version.

* Fixed some bugs to enhance product quality.

Now that you have read about this wonderful tool that can perform magic on your Disk, it’s time that you get a hands-on experience. Download the Easeus Partition Master and get going

Download link – Download EaseUS Partition Manager

As the Windows 8 OS is relatively new and involves slight complications, users might encounter problems while resizing the partitions. Refer to this link so as to get a clear picture on how to resize partition under Windows 8 – Resize partition Windows 8

Alongside the free tool for personal use, EaseUS Partition Manager offers application for all work environments, be it for Home & Home Office, for Business or for a service provider. Some of the other partition manager tools are as follows:

Home & Home Office

* Partition Master Free

* Partition Master Professional


* Partition Master Professional

* Partition Master Server

* Partition Master Unlimited

Service Provider

* Partition Master Technician

For those who are using the Free version of EaseUS Partition Master and would like to migrate to the professional version, I don’t you be worrying too much about the amount that you are going to pay for it as you are sure to get your money’s worth. The quality of the software is world-class and it is way ahead than some of it’s other competitors. The users of the professional version can avail the following features:

  • 24 X 7 Service & Live Chat
  • Help through Forums
  • 30 days Money Back Guarantee in case if you are not a happy customer

EaseUS Partition Master is the ultimate solution to all your partition related problems. This is an easy to use and intuitive program, a must have for those having problems pertaining to partition. As I said before, I am a fan of free software and this tool really impresses me with it’s simplicity and the ease with which it performs the operations at a lightning speed – seamless, effortless and swift.

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