6 Fun Websites To Pass Your Time

Posted on November 6, 2013 by Nikhil P Naik

The internet provides great sources of entertainment. There’s an endless list of websites around that offer no more than the chance to spend hours on end looking at amusing pictures and funny videos.

Whatever the website is, and whatever content the website offers, they’re very addictive and you can find yourself losing a lot of time to them. You can be lying in bed on your smartphone scrolling through a website, keep telling yourself “just 5 more minutes” and before you know it, you’ve spent an extra couple of hours staring at the screen.

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Below are 6 fun websites to pass your time. You can either look at them for the purpose of spending your time on them, or to find out which ones to avoid because they’re so addictive!


StumbleUpon is a discovery engine and is one of the most addictive websites to use on the internet. It finds web content that is catered to the users interests and by clicking the “stumble” button, you’ll be sent to a webpage that matches one of your interests.

When you first sign up to StumbleUpon, you’ll be asked to select what your interests are from a large group. A few examples of the category of interests available to choose from are “football”, “science”, “comics” and “self improvement”.

Every webpage you’re taken to will only be something that you’re interested in. Whether it’s a silly comic or a piece of useful knowledge, when you’re done with it, just click “stumble” again and you’ll be taken to another page at random.


Cracked is a humour website that posts articles of useless facts, intriguing facts and general humour.

A good example of an article featured on Cracked is “The Top 8 Most Baffling Sports From Around the World”. The article features different sports like “shin kicking” and “camel wrestling” and as bizarre as they sound, they’re very much true.

In this Cracked article, you’ll find out the origins of these “baffling sports”, where they’re played and some interesting facts about them. Although rather pointless in terms of having knowledge about these sorts of things, it does make for interesting reading and manages to somehow pique your interest time and time again.

As well as the articles, Cracked also features videos in a similar vain, blogs and a forum for readers to get involved in.


Everyone with an internet connection has heard of YouTube and it’s been one of the most popular websites on the internet since 2006. The reason for this is because of how addictive it is and the clever system the website has adopted to tempt you into watching more.

On the side of each video you watch are thumbnails for other videos that are related to the one you’re watching. There are also other videos displayed that are suggested because of your viewing history.

You can often find yourself on YouTube getting caught in a cycle of watching a video, and then a related video, and then a related video, and then a related video, and so on. You could start off watching a video on nuclear fusion and somehow end up watching videos an hour later of animals doing silly things.

It’s becoming a lot easier on YouTube to upload your own videos and share videos through other social media websites, which is only fuelling the world’s addiction.


9GAG focuses on user uploaded and user created images of a particular nature. They can be satirical to current trends like TV shows, movies or video games, or they can follow trends like internet “memes”.

The website is very simple in its design and it allows you to scroll through a plethora of user submitted images for pages and pages. The random topics of pictures keep you searching through page after page and like the other websites mentioned above, you’ll find yourself saying “only 1 more page” but staying for a lot longer.

Each picture can be voted on by anyone that visits the site. You can give an “upvote” to a picture you like or a “downvote” to something you dislike. Using this system, the site has an option for you to browse the highest voted pictures to ensure that you’re looking at the universally accepted best content.

Post Secret

Post Secret started out as an art project and has become an ongoing community of anonymously submitted “secrets” on post cards.

The whole website is simply the anonymous post cards of people’s secrets that they wish to get off of their chests and share with the rest of the online world. Sometimes it feels liberating to be able to relieve certain information and many submitters have wrote about this.

As a reader, it’s very intriguing to see other people’s stories and secrets spilled out onto the internet, and it’s interesting to imagine what their lives are like. The secrets range from innocent to far too personal and makes for highly captive reading.

In a way, it feels wrong to be reading these secrets and almost makes you feel a bit dirty for doing so. That, however, is all part of the fun and why you’ll keep coming back for more updates.


Newgrounds predominately specialises in Adobe Flash animations and games that are submitted by its users. The games are often a similar length to what you would find in late 1980s mainstream gaming consoles with a variety to choose from.

Videos are often extensions from existing brands in pop culture, and more specifically video games. You may find videos from some of the most widely known video games or movies like Star Wars where the creator has made their own version events, given a new life to the main characters and even created a web series that is ongoing.

As it is all user submitted and there is no limit on the types of videos and games to be created, you can lose hours of your day because you’re lost in a sea of spin offs from some of your favourite series.

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