The Path To Oracle Certification – What You Need To Know?

Posted on November 1, 2013 by Nikhil P Naik

Here is a quick overview of Oracle’s validity in the database market place and a few compelling how to paths and why becoming Oracle certified is a great career move.

Oracle is widely acknowledged as one of the most comprehensive integrated platforms, especially when considering Oracle’s 40% + share of the database market globally. Oracle provides a range of customizable applications for businesses, with specific emphasis on CRM or Customer Relationship Management related software. It also specializes in the development and implementation of ERM (Enterprise Resource Management) software, such as the Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) suite. Big data is big business and big opportunity for the technically sound.

Oracle certification

Invest in Yourself. Become an Oracle Consultant

Oracle, as a company, offers a variety of training programs with globally accepted certifications to the IT professional looking to open new avenues and opportunities. While becoming an Oracle consultant begins with extensive training, Oracle certified professionals can become indispensable assets to companies operating in all kinds of industries in high paying technical positions.

How do I begin?

Before you can begin Oracle DBA training, you may want to find out which curriculum and schedule is most suitable for you. The courses can be undertaken in a variety of different forms, each with their own time frames and costs.

Many companies that have partnered with Oracle employ certified technicians who are capable of conducting training courses as well. Also, there are smaller Oracle certified training firms that can offer you a more hands-on instructor-led approach. Courses are available in a traditional classroom setting or within an online virtual classroom and live instructor. You can receive a bit more attention and fine-tuning for your skill set.

Finding out what kind of course is most convenient for you, while simultaneously being within your budget is the first step.

Select what you want to specialize in

Oracle applications and business solutions include a wide range of functions and it is important for an aspiring IT professional to make a selection for specialization. The choice you make, with regard to what you are going to specialize in, should be based on your previous experience within businesses, as well as the interests or passion that you would like to explore.

Oracle offers different training programs based on the nature of the business function that students are looking to specialize in. Whether it is finance or accounting, or manufacturing and logistics, choosing the appropriate Oracle course curriculum is crucial. Specialize to start and think about your direction after certification.

Working your way to the top

Your training will be ongoing as you advance further to receive higher more diverse levels of Oracle certification. Students undertaking an Oracle education will first become certified as business or database administrators (DBAs), before progressing on to higher qualifications like an Oracle implementer or programmer. In order to gain higher qualifications, students will have to continually undertake advanced classes, such as ADF for advanced security, OBIEE for business intelligence to name a couple.

Choose your method of instruction

Many IT professionals continue to work while undertaking their Oracle training. Depending on the method of instruction that you undertake, the time frame and depth of your education is likely to differ. Oracle offers online virtual classes, self-study options as well as an onsite classroom-based training. The amount of interaction you have with Oracle certified technicians and teachers will depend on the style of instruction you have chosen.

Taking the exam

Oracle DBA students will be expected to undertake an exam in order to become Oracle certified technicians. Successful students will receive an OCP success kit, and gain access to exclusive information regarding job offers and available positions.

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