Is SSL Certificate for a Website Important?

Posted on September 27, 2013 by Nikhil P Naik

Many websites ask their users to register on them. This may just be a case of making up a user name and password so that you can get in to extra parts of the website or whatever. This is something that you may wonder whether it needs an SSL certificate.

It is worth considering what sort of information you are collecting to start with. It may be that you are not asking very much, but you may be asking quite a lot. You need to think whether potential users would rather that information was encrypted. Some people would rather everything was kept safe, all usernames and passwords, all email addresses etc. They just d not like the thought that it could intercepted, even if it something which does not really need to be kept that secure. Others are not so worried about passwords and things for sites that do not hold much personal data about them. There are also people who have no awareness about online security and so would no be able to tell whether a site was secure or not.

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You might be wondering if you need such an SSL certificate for your domain.  Let’s consider an analogy. For example , if you own an online shop where all the customer’s payment task are being taken by an instant remittance tool or you are redirecting them to the PayPal payment page. In this case, your customers will land on a page where there is risk of the bank account number or credit card information being at stake.

At first glance, under these circumstances, an SSL certificate is not necessary for you . But however, the case is different if your website has been designed in such a way where customer needs to use his login credentials to log into the account. Here we are dealing with sensitive data. Many people use the same password everywhere be it for a silly gaming website or for maintaining his online transactions. Due to an unsecured login, if such information fall into the hands of a hacker, then he can do a great deal of damage . To overcome such problems and for the secure data transmission of your clients, SSL is desired.

Nowadays all those looking around for an SSL certificate, won’t just find single offers but are availed with many variants . Different providers offer different products in the market. The selection is very large. On the one hand it means that the decision is not easy, on the other hand this gives you the opportunity to find the right product for your needs.

It is not always easy to know what sort of person is using your site. It may be better to be cautious and assume that they will prefer it to be secure. The problem is that you will have to pay for an SSL certificate which may not be something that you can really afford. It is therefore worth finding out how much they cost so that you can see whether it is something that you can consider. Though you can visit GoGetSSL and buy cheap SSL certs.

It may be too late to try to figure out whether it is putting people off, not having one. By then you may have lost too many customers.

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