Top 5 Additional Accessories For a Professional Camera

Posted on September 23, 2013 by Nikhil P Naik

Clicking a snap or shooting a video on a DSLR is a very common site these days. But in order to take photographs of better quality and make them look distinctive, using some additional equipment possibly provides the most supple and highest quality image.

There are plenty of beautiful and practical additions for your professional Camera . Some of the most interesting extensions can be found right here on this page. We have tracked 5 products that can be useful for a photographer.We have selected some non-expensive and quality camera-extensions that starts with a price tag of just 25 €.

Cheap and good Flash: Nissin Di866 Mark II Pro

Nissin shows that a good flash need not be outrageously expensive. The operation with color display that rotates in portrait mode, is extremely intuitive. Only some professional will want a few more buttons. The functionality is still great. A second frontal flash head is also installed that can be used to lighten, when the main flash is pivoted. Updating the functions is possible via USB cable. Nissin offers the best flash solutions in Nikon, Canon and Sony DSLRs on. 

Price: about 260 €

Decent camera strap: The Sniper Strap Pro

The Sniper Strap Pro

A shoulder strap is that looks good a DSLR cameras which brings in comfort and safety. The Sniper Strap The Pro is attached to the tripod socket of the camera which is then hanged by the shoulder. The camera rests at the waist and can quickly be pulled into position when needed. It can be slideed on rails along the belt. As a result, you never have to fret over a twisted camera strap while shooting. In addition, a steel cable is in the belt, which is an effective protection against pickpockets with knife. 

Price: about 60 €

Great, cheap, fast: SDHC Card 16GB Transcend Ultimate SDHC

An extremely rapid and quite cheap SDHC card from Transcend.The TS16GSDHC10U1 provides 16 GB of storage and great reading speed of 75 Mbytes / second, 43 Mbytes / sec for writing – a convincing performance. About the large and fast memory rejoice in particular HD-DSLR filmmakers and owners who often use the continuous shooting function.

Price: 30 €

Mini Tripod with maxi power: Joby Gorillapod Micro 800

Joby is known for its clever tripod systems in miniature. The table tripod Micro 800 is no exception. When folded, it reaches about the size of a lighter, fits in your pocket and will not interfere even with hands-free recording on the camera. However, the real highlight of the Micro 800 is that the camera can be aligned horizontally on uneven surfaces. It is recommended to tighten the head with a screwdriver. Also make sure not to accidentally unscrew the camera while turning it counterclockwise. Processing, folding mechanism and ball leaves a high-quality impression. The rubberized foot ends ensure a secure grip even on slippery surfaces. 

Price: about 25 €

Cheap prime lens for EOS DSLR: Canon EF 1.8/50mm II

A cheaper option does not exist for your EOS system to supplement a good fixed focal length. The focal length of the lens makes it the ideal partner for portrait shots. The measured values ​​in the laboratory attest to the 50mm lens gives a good performance. Reinforced the good impression although it’s competitors costs at least three times. 

Price: 100 €

There are plenty of other photographic equipment and accessories out there in order to beautify and strengthen the captured moments on your camera. It’s not possible to showcase them all on this single page as needs differ from person to person. So in order to discover many such equipments, make sure to check out sites like Amazon and eBay where photographic equipments can be found to your requirement.

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