4 Noteworthy Kickstarter Projects For Car Enthusiasts

Posted on July 12, 2013 by Nikhil P Naik

Are you someone who never gets tired of cars and motorbikes? Is it your passion to learn more and to keep yourself updated regarding the latest discoveries and technologies regarding your favorite subject?  If yes, following is a list of four amazing Kickstarter projects that you definitely shouldn’t be missing out on!

GranTurismo Magazine – The Best of European Motoring

Are you a hardcore car and motorbike enthusiast? Do you like losing yourself in digital or paper magazines that cover your favorite subject? If yes, this particular Kickstarter campaign is going to win you over. Today, thanks to the internet and various social media, we have access to blogs, discussion forums, articles, videos, and so on, to keep up with the passion of cars and motorcycles. While reading content online can be satisfying, nothing comes close to a great magazine – whether paper or digital. The Gran Turismo magazinewill be the perfect treat for European cars and bikes lovers. The idea is to create a thoroughly modern, magazine-based media brand that will have a unique blend of new and classic European vehicles. It will cover all great products, personalities, and experiences of living with a European vehicle. It will also have a digital version for iOS and Android tablets. If you are someone who loves the unique appeal of European cars and motorcycles, and appreciate their style, luxury, and heritage, this project is definitely for you!

CelGo: Flexible Hands-Free Cell Phone Holder for Your Car

Tired of hunting for a decent cell phone holding device for your car? Do you end up driving around with one hand on the wheel? A project started by Tony Lillard from Laguna Niguel, CA, CelGo was developed for providing people with a decent cell phone holding device for their cars. With other cell phone mounting devices available in the market, they either need to be mounted awkwardly on your windshield, thereby blocking your driving vision, or even worse, some have to be clipped on to your vent, or down in your cup holder. Oppositely, CelGo lets you mount your cell phone in your car where you want it, where it is easy to see and reach, and does not block your driving vision. It contours to any dashboard for total stability so you can position your phone exactly where you want it to be. Whether you position it vertically for easy glancing or horizontally for easy GPS navigation, Celgo can hold and adjust for any phone or a device right from iPod Nano, to a Nokia Lumia, to a large Galaxy Note, or event the Garmin GPS! Fancy it? Go back it!

Clipless: Secure a phone to new surfaces, NFC-enabled

As the title suggests, Clipless is a brilliant new technology that secures phones and tablets to clothing and surfaces. People often complain about having nowhere to put their phones while they are on the go, and tend to look out for something more versatile than the traditional belt clip holster. The motive behind Clipless was to create something more versatile that works with multiple phones, is more flexible for clothing, and provides seamless connection with walls and car dashboards too. Clipless works with any kind of phone, GPS device, or tablet that has a flat surface to adhere the connector. The unique adhesive used will allow users to stick the connector to their phone, tablet, or even to a case! Moreover, the adhesive works on nearly every kind of material and can be removed without residue. Clipless even works on any normal clothing or fabric – be it denim, shirts, golf-bags, jogging pants, sportswear, and what not! You can even stick the mount to any surface, be it plastic, your car dashboard, metal, wood, tile, or even glass. Most importantly, Clipless is NFC-enabled, allowing your phone to ingeniously run common tasks, based on the object it is mounted to.

DockNstore: The Best Car Dock for an iPhone

Frustrated with the sloppy and inefficient docking stations available in the market for your iPhone in the car? Want a docking station that provides easy docking and un-docking, works even with cases, and even stores unwanted cables? If yes, DockNstore could be the perfect solution – easy to use, quick docking and un-docking, works with or without a case, stores your cables, and is strategically angled. Besides, it even has interchangeable charger ports, so that it can also be used with future phones. The acoustic chambers are designed to pick up your voice and improve the sound. Docking and un-docking can be done singlehandedly. It stores unwanted cables, eliminating the hassle of tangled cords, and giving your car a neat look. Also, the device is elegantly designed and has custom color cases to go along with it. If this brilliant project impresses you, go show your backing for the campaign.

About the Author: Todd Jacobson, is a freelance blogger and a car enthusiast. He works as an instructor at a sports car driving school and is an expert when it comes to technology involved with cars. He likes to blog about his interests and provides many useful tips to people.

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