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Posted on June 24, 2013 by Nikhil P Naik

The iPhone 3GS officially released the first video recording function with VGA resolution and soon with the release of iPhone 4 and the iPhone 5, Apple found its way facilitating the users to record HD videos at 720p and 1080p resolution. Although the video thus recorded would be of crystal clarity, I am sure there would be many of you still craving for more. Some notable video editing applications can be found on the iTune app store. We have tested a handful of them for you.

Here are the top 5 video editing apps for the iPhone that allows you to create movies using your videos along with all sorts of cool things:


The Givit Video Editor help you to easily customize videos and awesome movies on your iPhone with just a few taps of your finger. Givit comes with a fun and easy to use interface that helps you makes the photos look cool and the videos cooler. A must try app for all the video editing freaks out there. It gives the user complete control over their videos be it the ability to create a video or share it with the loved ones. The best part about Givit is that the appis of just 9MB in size and comes packed with loads of goodies which is not to be seen in it’s nearest competitors.

“Live Highlighting” is one feature that is a highlight of this app. What does it do? For instance, while your are recording a video and grab an important part of the video, simply tap to highlight those moments. Tap to recap back seven seconds, or start/stop record at any point.

givit app

Highlighting Features:

  • Combine Multiple Clips
  • No Length Restrictions
  • Live Highlighting
  • Effects and Transitions
  • Motion Effects
  • Share videos from other devices using Givit Website
  • 5GB of storage at signup
  • Upload videos to the Givit cloud
  • Share large videos that can’t be mailed.

Download Givit from iTune Store


One of the most sort after video editing apps, iMovie has got a beautiful and a simple user interface which is easy to operate. iMovie is endowed with only the most essential functions of video editing. Despite the fact that iMovie came much later in the App Store, it instantly became one of the most popular apps for the iPhone.


Highlighting Features:

  • No rendering necessary
  • Can combine photos and videos
  • Ken Burns effect for photos
  • iPod integration
  • Background music
  • Automatic volume control
  • (Minimal) soundtrack editable
  • Audio clips of each deactivated
  • Automatic “Geotagging”
  • Saves directly into the Photos app
  • Records videos in HD 1080p
  • Can share with Youtube, MMS and email videos
  • Video preview without rendering


In addition to apps where the processing and assembly of the cut-out parts have to be manually, Magistro is one of it’s kind that apply effects to your videos while recording in a distinct manner. Magisto allows you to do a few touches while making a movie along with the option of implementing an additional soundtrack / visuals. As background music for your video, you can use any track from the music loaded on your device phone. Automatic creation of a short video takes about 5 minutes.



Highlighting Features:

  • Uses Artificial Intelligence for analyzing and trimming.
  • Stabilization, filters, effects and transitions
  • Access your movies from any device
  • Fully automatic video editor
  • Facial recognition detects friends and family in your videos
  • Choose video clips and photos from your camera roll
  • Record video using Magisto’s smart video camera
  • Easily share movies to Social Accounts

Splice – Video Editor

One of the most popular alternatives to corporate iMovie – Splice gives the user more options for editing video on iPhone. For those who want to work with several audio tracks, to have more options for adding audio effects, subtitles and captions, this application will be a good assistant.


Splice allows you to create movies from already captured and stored videos, photos, music and text on your phone. All of this can be provided with a variety of effects – both audio and video – add transitions, voice recordings, video cropping. During assembly of the clip to the individual segments of the video, you can add effects or slow / quick shooting. On the possibilities of preservation and publication of video, Splice is no different from iMovie.


The success of Instagram forced many developers to come with an idea to create an app that can that help one add effects to the video with just a push of a button, similar to that of Instagram. This lead to the development of Viddy – a service in which it would be just as easy and convenient to edit videos with “one-touch” and instantly share them with friends. So there Viddy for iOS – social application for sharing of short videos. The interface is almost exactly similar to that of Instagram. But using Viddy, the length of the video created should not exceed 30 seconds.


So these were some of the apps that will help you rebuild your videos using your creativity and imagination. Try them out and let us know which of the above ones really served your purpose.

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