Top Things That Could Be Ruining Your TV Signal

Posted on June 23, 2013 by Nikhil P Naik

Getting poor signal on your TV is one of those minor nuisances that can seem like a huge deal at the time and that can even ruin your evening. Most of us, when coming home from a hard day at work, want nothing more than to relax in front of the TV with our partners and forget all of our worries. To then have to wince every time our TV signal flickers out or the sound starts screeching can be enough to induce a bout of PTSD or make us give up on the idea of watching TV entirely. And that’s even more annoying when you want to watch something in particular but are then forced to give up because the signal is so bad that you can’t make out at all what’s happening.

Antenna Signal

Fortunately, in most cases there will be a relatively simple explanation and with the right advice you should be able to get your TV up and working again in no time. Read on to learn what might be interrupting your TV’s signal…

Cross and bad Wiring

Cross and bad Wiring

If there is bad wiring at any point where you are trying to receive your signal, then this will affect the quality of the signal getting through. This includes the wiring from your digital box to your TV – if it is very old or if it looks damaged, then you can expect to get poor picture and sound as a result.

Likewise, a lose connection could also be causing the problem – so make sure that everything is plugged in well and try blowing any dust out of the sockets. If in doubt, try investing in a thicker cable to improve the signal quality.



This is a relatively unlikely problem, but if you have any kind of pests in your home, then this could be affecting your TV signal – and could even be responsible for that bad wiring. If for instance you should have rats, mice or squirrels in your roof or your loft, you may find that they’re interfering with the signal from your satellite by chewing through the cabling. If you have any such pests then you should be able to spot other signs as well, such as droppings left around the home or the sound of scrabbling feet at night.

If you don’t have mice or rats, your signal woes could still be being caused by critters. For instance, if birds are nesting on your roof then this could potentially be affecting your signal too.

Freeview Box

Another potential weak link in your chain could be your freeview receiver. Some receivers can cost as little as $30, and while this is a good bargain you might take a hit in quality as a result. If you don’t want to upgrade your box though, you may want to consider investing in a log periodic TV aerial which can improve common impulse interference.



The position of your aerial can also have a big impact on your reception, and particularly if there is anything blocking the signal. Large trees can have this effect, particularly if they are positioned around your aerial and are blowing around a lot in the wind. In this case, you might want to look into either cutting back said tree (if it’s yours to cut) or just moving your aerial slightly so that it won’t be affected.


Sometimes we can be so eager to find complicated explanations that we overlook the obvious. Even if you tuned your TV perfectly a year ago, sometimes you just need to retune in order to get the best signal. This can make a big difference, so don’t write it off.


Ghosting is what happens when your TV receives multiple versions of the same picture. This creates a kind of ghostly image on top of the main one you’re watching – and often it’s to do with something ‘reflecting’ the signal back at your aerial such as the side of a building. Again, it might be time to just move the aerial.


If your signal issues are only temporary or on and off, then you might being affected by the weather and there is only so much you can do about this. The best bet is to try and make your signal as strong as possible in other ways, but otherwise you’ll just have to sit it out…

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