Instagram Is Not Just For Teens And Food Pics

Posted on April 26, 2013 by Nikhil P Naik

Some people don’t understand Instagram and that it can be used for much more than sharing a picture of what you’re having for dinner. It’s often said a picture is worth a thousand words, and it’s true that photos can express things in a new way, or reach an audience more inclined to appreciate a visual. Maximize your potential reach by following a few simple tips.


How to use Instagram

Instagram is mobile user centric, targeting the “on the go” audience and users. It’s a lot of fun to share the snapshots of your life with your friends and followers. Use good descriptive hash tags to help people find your pictures based on the subject matter or to join in with a popular photo campaign. Don’t forget to interact with other people and like or comment on their photos, because it is a social network after all, not your personal photography website.

There are complementary apps available that allow you to create photo collages, use additional filters not available directly through Instagram and also to allow you to add text into your pictures. Once you get your feet wet with Instagram, try them out!

Link up to the rest of your social networks, either by sharing some of your photos or by asking your fans on other sites to follow you on Instagram. You can share your photos from the app itself if you’ve connected your other social networks to it. It will offer you the choice with each shot you upload.

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Follow people and brands you appreciate

It’s easy to find images you appreciate and value. For example, if you like animals, you can follow your favorite zoos and other animal organizations and enjoys a variety of pictures and trivia! There are some who devote their Instagram to showing bits and pieces of history. Find what you’re interested in and either follow someone who shares it, or search it out with appropriate hash tags.

How can brands use Instagram?

It’s becoming more common for brands to start using Instagram to share pictures with their followers. Not only can they show off their products, but they can also advertise special “follower only” deals. Word of mouth will bring new followers if you offer something useful or of value on a regular basis. Brands can also use photos to share behind the scenes stories about their products. This can make your customers feel more connected to your company and they will take pride in your products.

Instagram may not take the place of the more mainstream social networks, but it is a fun and complementary way to share a different slice of your life and experiences.

If you want more numbers to make your account look popular, you can hack Instagram followers. However, there is no guarantee at all that these people are going to like your pics or engage with them.

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