The Evolution of Advertising In Smartphones

Posted on April 19, 2013 by Nikhil P Naik

 Advertising has evolved in many ways in recent years.  It took a hundred years for it to go from newspapers to radio to television.  It took less than 20 for it to evolve from this to social networks and mobile devices.  Right smack in the middle of the transition was the change from paper newsletters to email newsletters.   Advertising in newsletters have long been a beloved way of getting the word out, but why?  Why are they so much better, whether they are in paper or email form, than the other marketing platforms available?



Sure, newspapers have subscribers as well, but newspapers cover a variety of topics.  When someone subscribes to an email newsletter, they are doing so because they are interested in the specific topic that it covers.  This means they are eager to read and respond to the information and advertising included in the newsletter.  This is huge, as advertising in newsletters is one of the only ways to ensure your campaign reaches those that are interested in the product.


With the innovation of email advertising in newsletters, it is possible to monetize a newsletter the same as a website, but with more customization.  You know these people want what you have because they subscribed to the newsletter.  The key is to strategically place advertising for products that it is highly likely they will be interested in as well, including affiliate advertising.  This can create a nice little secondary stream of income that could fund or at least help fund the marketing efforts of your mainstream business.

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 Why Smartphones Matter

Smartphones have evolved to be necessary in every aspect of marketing these days, and email newsletters are no exception.  While once mobile marketing was considered to mostly be text related, the fact that email is the number one app of smartphones bodes well for their use in other ways as well.  When a potential lead opens a newsletter on their email via smart phone, they are getting what you are giving right where they are.  They can take advantage immediately without having to wait to get home to a PC.

Advertising in newsletters is only one of the ways that smartphones have evolved in the world of mobile marketing.  This is a whole new frontier that the marketing world is taking by storm.  The problem is the value of email and newsletters often gets overlooked.  This is a tragedy that loses so much business for the simple fact that advertising newsletters, in whatever form, are wanted by the lead and can be customized to the specific customer if necessary.  The resulting increase in response rate is well worth any perceived extra work involved. To learn more about an email advertising platform, click here.

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