The Numerous Ways to Make Money Online

Posted on March 25, 2013 by Nikhil P Naik

In the present era, Internet is more than just browsing. Gone are those days when internet was considered only for the sake of surfing, collecting information for school assignments, downloading softwares and for multimedia purposes. There are plenty of ways using which you can make money online. The only thing that you got to be aware is of online scamming. Being sensible, cautious, skillful, creative, patience, imagination and some hard work is all that you need in order to start of with the money making process.

In fact there are thousands of people who make money online be it by being a social entrepreneur, blogger, web-designer or what not. Well, keep reading to acquire more insight of the jobs that can fetch you money.  Here are some of the most successful ways using which you can inch closer to making money on the web:

1. Freelance Jobs

freelance jobs

Freelance jobs are most sort after as people with different interests can take up jobs for which they get paid. Freelance in other words is leasing your skills so as to get monetary benefits. Some of the popular freelancing jobs are:

  • Coding and Programming
  • Logo Design
  • Web Design
  • Copy-writing & Article writing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Translation
  • Crafting and Jewelry

2. Sell Photos Online

sell photos online

There is an immense demand for photography on the web across the globe hence photographers are the ones who will be benefited by this. Even if you are photographer just as a hobbyist, you should consider selling photographs in case if you have a feeling that you can fetch prices for them. Never a bad idea! But before you sell them, you need to make sure that the photographs are original and not edited from other sources.

3. Selling CDs, Game Consoles, Electronic gadgets online

Games CDs

In case if you are gaming or a gadget freak and have piled up loads of old gaming CDs / DVDs, consoles or even gadgets like mobiles or musics players an dwondering how to get rid of them, you could always opt for selling them online and fetch a decent amount for the same. There are many marketplaces online such as where you can sell the above mentioned stuffs and get paid.

4. Sponsored Tweets


Twitter is not only a social network but also a platform where you can make money. In fact, this is one of the hardest way to make money as you need loads of followers in order to proceed with monetizing from twitter. But how? You can charge yours clients for putting up their advertorials through tweets which you can spread it among your followers. You get paid for the number of re-tweets and the impressions created on the advertorial tweet.

5. Mobile App testing

mobile app testing

Take up the job of mobile app testing. With the mobile and smartphone industry booming, there are loads of applications being developed for the smartphone platforms such as the Android, iOS and the Windows Phones. In the process of developing apps, there are always a possibility of the app being unstable and bugs creeping up. This is where the testing process comes into the picture. Mobile App tester are required to test the apps from every aspect and get rewarded for every bug report.

6. Post videos on YouTube

Youtube Logo

By taking part in the YouTube Partnership Program, you can earn just by uploading videos. The criteria for the YouTube partnership and everything else can be obtained by visiting this link. Monetizing from YouTube is not that easy. There are many factors that needs to be taken into consideration – such as the number of hits on the video that you uploaded, number of subscribers that you have got and the place where you reside as this program is available only in some countries. Also the video needs to be have an original concept, extraordinary and must heed all the conditions put forward by YouTube.

7. The ultimate one – Blogging! [rather, my opinion]

make money blogging

In case if you have got your own blog [be it of any niche], your job of monetizing becomes more easy. But then you must be wondering that what are the requirements to earn using the web. Any financial investments? If so, how much?

In fact, blogging requires you to invest a small amount of money. But what for?

1) Buying a Domain Name

2) Buying a Web Host to host your blog.

You would need a server only in case if you would opt for a self-hosted WordPress blog. Else you could always opt for other CMS platforms  such as the free version of WordPress [but comes with limitations], Blogger or Tumblr. These are the most used blogging platforms worldwide.

3) Buying a Paid theme for wordpress blogs. [Why go for a paid theme]

That’s it and you are all set to start blogging. You can find out some quality blogging tips from here. But wait a sec! How do you make money by just writing stuffs and expressing your opinions on a stupid webpage?

Well, this is where the main investment comes into the picture. The investing of time, showing dedication, hardwork and loads of patience. Money is not easy to come by initially but once the visitors start to visit your blog and the traffic flows in, you can monetize by implementing the following methods:

Advertising – Putting up ads on your blogs. Google Adsense, Chitika and Adbrite and some of the popular platforms for the publishers.

Sponsored Articles – Articles with contextual links in them are one of the most sort after technique used by the product advertisers although after the Google Panda algorithm update lately, sponsored articles are not the most sort after ones as it is regarded as a black hat link building method.

Product Review – Promote and review products that are related to your niche such as a new gadget/game/application/software and get paid in turn.

Affiliate Programs – Another useful technique to generate income when the traffic flow in your blog in high. Get commissions for the online sales of the product resulted a redirection from your blog.

Let us know which of the above methods did you implement to start of with the money making process!

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