How to Stay Safe from Keyloggers

Posted on March 11, 2013 by Nikhil P Naik

If your job implies travelling a lot or you are on vacation for the time being, chances are you will be connecting your laptop to one of those free wireless spots. In the eventuality that you don’t own a laptop, then the thought of spending some time in an internet cafe might also cross your mind. In both cases you are exposing your personal data to unnecessary risks since the equipment could be outdated or infested with malware and spyware. Nonetheless, even in situations when you need to access bank accounts, work email account and private data you can still work around hackers and their clever keylogger. Let’s elaborate.

Carry your own device

own laptop

In general, people avoid taking their laptops with them due to two main reasons: they are afraid that the fragile device will get damaged or their current laptop is too bulky to be carried on their shoulders all day long. However, few of them know that their own laptops are the safest devices to be used when accessing sensitive data. Not only do you benefit from a firewall and anti keylogger protection, but you can also be certain the data can also be sent encrypted and scrambled with the right software.

If you have to use another computer, then check for keylogger hardware

If you don’t own a laptop or another device that allows you to connect to the internet, then you will have to make do with the machine in the internet cafe  Since these computers are renowned for keylogger hardware, it is highly recommended you check for that before logging in your accounts. In most cases, they are easy to spot as they resemble an “unnatural” adapter placed at the back of the computer (between the motherboard and the keyboard connectors).

Bring an USB stick with anti-keylogger program installed



Another way you can safely use a public computer is to have an USB stick with the needed applications as well as the necessary protection software. In addition, if you need to be connected to the internet then you will have to ask the manager for the IP addresses for the LAN ports. On a side note, since these sticks don’t have a lot of storage space you will have to carefully pick the applications you need. Even though you don’t get to carry a lot of apps on the stick, you can be certain that you are browsing or working in a virus-free environment.

Get an OTP gadget

OTP device

The OTP is essentially a small device designed to work on a one-time password system. Even though they are not widespread, the OTPs are great to have for people who need to access their bank accounts or perform transactions while they don’t have access to their computers. Simply log in your banking account, select the desired transaction, enter the code and log off.

  • Create a new email account
  • e-mail symbol

A further noteworthy way to fool keyloggers implies creating a new email account while allowing your main account to forward a copy of the message to the new address. Even though you won’t be able to answer the email, you can still stay updated and check important emails.

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