5 Ways To Grow Your Website and Blog Traffic In 2013

Posted on March 6, 2013 by Amira Kay

The main question bloggers and online business people in general face is whether or not they can increase their website’s traffic. The reasons for wanting to are simple enough—more traffic means that you get more hits each month, meaning you will also make more money off of your website each year, thus allowing you justification for focusing more on your website.

More traffic can also mean more business opportunities. If a fellow website owner notices that you are increasingly getting more and more traffic each month, and you work in similar fields, they may extend their hand for a partnership, and so in that way you and the other website owner can piggyback off of each other’s website traffic. Of course, before any of this can happen, you need to actually take some steps in order to increase your website traffic.

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Website traffic incretion is not magic. It does not happen over night, nor will you jump from a dozen hits to a million in a week, unless you happen to hit the jack pot and go viral—which is not as common as you would be led to believe. No, in order to increase your web traffic, you are going to have to learn some of the tricks of the online trade—tricks that will allow you to successfully boost your viewership.

Way to Grow Number One: Focus, Focus, Focus

The number one way to improve your website traffic is by focusing on your website. This may sound like common sense, and up to an extent, it is, but many people tend to over look this first and foremost.

Your website is a job. If you want it to be successful and generate good amounts of traffic, you are going to have to treat it as such. Now, we are not saying you need to spend forty hours a week on your website, but what we are saying is that it should be a top priority.

Think of it this way; the more time you spend farting around on the internet and looking at pictures of cats, the less good you are doing for your website. To build a loyal fan base, you need to treat your website viewers like they matter.

After all, if they feel special, they will want to share the website with their friends. This is one of the most efficient and easy ways that website traffic grows; by being spread by word of mouth.


If it helps, make a time chart. When you are using your computer, you should be dedicating a block of time to your website. This means updates, working on new material, posts, etc. etc. This also means that you are going to have to sanction some rules against and on yourself.

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You are the only person who has the ability to make yourself work on your website. As such it comes down to your willingness to sit down and focus on your website. If you are able to pull it off, and focus well, you can easily increase the traffic of your website. Which brings us to our next point:

Way to Grow Number Two: Content Matters

These days, content has gotten out of hand. For every one good website with something useful, helpful and well researched to say, there are ten or more websites that have nothing to contribute but a smattering of key words being used to try and boost search engine ranking.

And while you may be able to get yourself up in the ranking through use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) writing for a little while, what most people do not realize is that a good spot will not last when the content is crap.

SEO Content

People are smart. If you want to increase your web traffic and make your website a success in 2013, you are going to want to remember that always; people are smart. Even those who do not show it all the time are in one way or another intelligent.

So do every one a favor, including yourself, and do not take people for suckers. Your web traffic will be short lived if you think that you can just provide junk material smeared with key words and search links. It will not work. Google will punt you down the ranks, and you will have to try and claw your way back to the top all over again. Most times a website will never recover.

Here is what you should do before posting anything: think to yourself, “Can some one use this, and if they can, how?” If the answer to this question is, “I don’t know,” then you are better off not posting the material. Every single post should have a purpose.

Just because you take tip number one to heart and you focus on your website for a certain amount of hours each day, does not mean that you will do any thing positive for your website if you are not using that time wisely. So make sure that before you post, you edit.

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Make sure after you are finished editing that you proof read. And then, when you think your post is ready for public eyes, read it all over again and double, then triple check it. If you are sick and tired of reading it, but still see that it has some thing of value to add to the world, then you know right away that it is some thing worth posting and that it will help to boost your website traffic.

Way to Grow Number Three: Make Your WebSite User Friendly

You would be surprised to learn how many websites get ignored each and every day simply because they are not presented in a user friendly matter. Actually, you might not be surprised because no doubt you have ignored or clicked the BACK button on a website that was either a jumbled mess or contained so many boxes to click and sort through that you figured there was no use trying to figure it all out.

Well, the general public thinks and reacts the same way. In 2013, you are going to find that people are far less forgiving for messy websites. Why? Because getting a clean looking website is no longer very expensive at all. In fact, you can get a cleanly designed website easily for very little money at all.

Your website should have three users in mind; the tech impossible, the tech possible and the tech efficient. The first is the group of people who could not type an HTML code to save their lives. These people are just as abundant as ever, and they make up a lot of traffic for many user friendly websites—which is a good reason not to leave them off of your mind when you are designing a website, as they can make your traffic soar.

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The next group, the tech possible, are those who know how to use some basic HTML and can navigate most websites with ease. This is an increasingly large group, as people are learning more and more about efficient web surfing each day. The last group, the tech impossible, are the gals and guys who do the impossible on computers as if it is nothing.

This is the smallest group. Chances are, these people are part of your competition, because they are so good, they can make even the most complex things simple and easy to use for the average Jane or Joe.

Your website design should entirely cater to the first two groups. This will ensure that they get exactly what they need, and will also ensure that they can easily use your website, which will in turn boost your website traffic.

Way to Grow Number Four: Be Consistent

There is nothing worse for your website than performing an entire over haul with out giving any warning at all. Consistency is key. Do not sell guitars one week and then over haul your entire inventory and try to sell electronics the next. People are going to take it as a scam, even if it is a legitimate business move. If you are going to change your focus, give ample warning of at least two months prior to the change. Then, if possible, make a gradual change and keep giving warning after the warning period is over.


If it helps, consider it this way; you go to get gas on your way home from work every single Friday with out exception, and you always stop at a certain gas station because it is convenient and it has good gas prices. And then suddenly one Friday you come to get gas and the gas station is no longer selling gas but is selling Beanie Babies or some other thing instead. You are going to be frustrated, and annoyed, and not just a little angry but very angry.

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Consistency builds a business, as it allows you to form a clientele base. Every single Blogger in America knows that consistency is important. Fact: writing blogs talk about writing, with hardly every any deviation from the topic. News blogs give news, even though news varies in form.

All things need to be consistent, or else people have no clue what they are arriving for, and when they get there, what they are going to get. This will mean that they no longer choose you for whatever needs they may have, even if your new wares or focus covers those needs, because they will feel betrayed.

Way to Grow Number Five: Pay Attention

There is no better way to grow in 2013 than to pay attention. Trends change. And while that does not mean that you should disregard the consistency we just hammered in to your head, it does mean that you should be aware of the market.

Namely, this is some thing that is preferable to do before you have started your website. Because the market is always changing, foresight is invaluable. People who can guess which way the market will swing in six months will always be on top of things. People who change with the market are always going to be right behind.

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Note that this does not mean suddenly stop doing what it is you are doing; it means pay attention to trends, and work them in to your own website. For instance, right now, YouTube videos are huge. There are more viral videos circulated every month than almost anything else.

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YouTube is one of the most lucrative websites in the entire world. Paying attention to video trends on YouTube and then making some marketing videos, even in parody, can be an excellent booster. But if you do not pay attention to the trends and you create a video, chances are you are going to fall way behind very quickly.

In the end, business is business; you grow when you work. Paying attention to things is the only true way to stay on top of your game. Again, it may be necessary to repeat that this does not mean you should change your wares or focus.

However it does mean that if a certain product or service is currently huge, you may wish to consider contacting a business that works or deals in this field and propose a business partnership. This can help you to increase their traffic, and your traffic, boosting both you and your partner’s revenue.

So long as you keep an eye on the market and pay attention to what is currently going on, namely in the media and on huge social networking platforms, it will be hard for you to fall behind in the traffic game.

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