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Posted on March 1, 2013 by Nikhil P Naik

With the mobile phone market growing by the day and the number of sales rising tremendously globally over the last couple of years, the fact becomes obvious that the number of mobiles that are being accumulated is aplenty. Also, with new cell phone models being released every fortnight, the greed for owning the best handset is never ending. Spanking new gizmos is one’s main priority now. Well, there might be a few of you who has collected quite a few number of cell phones and wondering what to do with them. Perhaps showcase them? Or how about monetizing by selling them for a decent price.

Aside flaunting your gadget, throwing away or discarding of old mobiles is not something that is appreciated. They form a integral part of the electronic waste which in turn adds to the pollution and this indeed is a major concern in the present day scenario.To overcome or control this ill mannered disposal of electronic wastes, quite a few websites have been established who came up with the idea of buying old cell phones from the users and paying a good amount for the same.

Here are some of the websites which you could opt for in order to sell cell phone and fetch a modest price for the same:



uSell is one such website which offers you the best deals for the old electronic gadgets. They not only buy used cell phones, but also you can sell iphone, Tablets, Cameras, Game consoles and lots more. The whole procedure can be completed in 4 simple steps:

  • Get Offers
  • Choose a Buyer
  • Ship for Free
  • Get Paid

So next time you have any electronic gadget to be given away, try your luck at uSell.

Sell Cell

Sell Cell is a mobile recycling website that is based in the U.S. Sources reveal that they are currently placed in the number 1 position among it’s competitors. They are into this business for quite some time now and are a highly trusted brand.

Sell Cell

The steps involved to sell your device are as follows:

  • Search for your Cell
  •  Select The Best Deal 
  •  Ship Your Phone For FREE 
  •  Get Your Cash!

Mazuma Mobile

Mazuma Mobile is a U.K. based website that allows you to sell your old mobile devices  in . All you have to do is to enter your mobile IMEI number and it quotes the approximate price for your device. It is one of the U.K’s best and has already served over 2 million customers. It is also the winner of the recycling service award for the year 2012.


mazuma mobile

The selling process consists of the following 3 steps:

  • Register sale and get freepost bag
  • Post us your phone or device
  • Payment on same day of receipt


Gazelle is another website that resembles to some extent. Another handy alternative, that has been mentioned in the media arena quite a few times. Like some of the websites mentioned above, even Gazelle has got easy navigation features and fetches you a good deal for your electronic device.


Alongside buying and recycling of old gadgets, they have some fun stuff as well for their customers. One is the referral system in which you can make some bucks for referring your friends to Gazelle. The other one is that of the story contest in which you get win attractive prices for your story. The payments can be opted either in these 3 formats – Check, Amazon gift card or PayPal.

Sell My Mobile

Sell My Mobile is sister site of SellCell. The former one is the top ranker in U.K. whereas the latter one as mentioned earlier tops the list of the mobile recycling website in the U.S.A. As they both come under the same organisation, the features are almost same without any major changes.


How does SellMyMobile work?

  • Search For Your Mobile Phone
  • Select The Best Deal
  • Post Your Phone For FREE
  • Get Your Cash In few Days

So the above specified ones are the websites which can get you monetary reward for your used cell phones by not having to do much. Just visit the website of your choice, fill in the required details & sit back and wait for your money.

Indian users can make use of the following classifieds and Portals to put up their product for sale and quote the price according to your needs:

In case if you come across websites which offers similar service, do get back to us. We would be glad to include them in the list.

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  1. Nishant Patel says

    in india is also famous for selling mobiles…
    thanx for ur articles

    • Hello Nishant,

      You are absolutely right. But we were emphasizing on the websites which focus only on Selling Mobile. Olx is a classified which combines everything.

  2. I actually did quite a bit of research on these cell phone trade in programs, and is definitely the highest paying site. They are also very straightforward and easy to use.

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