15 Of The Coolest And Most Handy Home Hacks

Posted on February 24, 2013 by Nikhil P Naik

By now, it has become fairly obvious that the single most important function of the Internet is to supply us with invaluable home hacks. Having grown up in a world without instantly accessible pictorial guides for organizing loose cables, peeling eggs in less than five seconds, and making elevators go directly to your floor without stopping, it is a wonder previous generations were able to survive at all. How did they know what to do with their corncob holders? How did they learn to efficiently peel oranges?


Fortunately, those barbaric antiquated times are now behind us. Today, we are fortunate enough not only to have thousands of nifty life hacks just a Google search away, but we even have a whole crowd-sourced team of geniuses at Reddit to catalogue the best of them and constantly dream up new ones. Here are the 15 best life hacks Reddit has to offer:

1. Unclogging Dents

The next time you need a small dent removed from your vehicle, skip the over-priced autobody shop and head straight to the bathroom. Get a hairdryer and a plunger. Heat up the dented area (to avoid chipping the paint) and delicately suck that dent right out with the plunger. (Courtesy of user “Tdaug”) [See it here]

2. Save on Spices

As the brilliant Reddit user “maillard_reaction” notes, when buying spices at the supermarket, skip the spice aisle and head straight for the ‘ethnic foods’ section. If you happen to live in the US, this is probably the Mexican food aisle. In the UK, chances are it will be Indian. In any case, you can usually save by about 25%. [See it here]

3. Socially Sinistral

Reddit user “bgallagher” offers up this gem of a life hack for anyone looking to make a good impression at the next house party they attend: hold your drink in your left hand. That way it won’t be cold and wet when you need to shake someone’s hand. [See it here]

4. Racking Lids

As the wise user “hgska” points out, screwing towel racks onto the insides of kitchen cabinets creates a perfect place to store pot and pan lids. Pure genius. [See it here]

5. Quick Peel

Need to peel a bunch of hard-boiled eggs in record time? Of course you do. Well, user “44oz” offers up this beautiful time saving trick: fill a pot with a little bit of hot water (this should be easy if you just boiled eggs), cover the pot with a plate, put it over the sink, shake it back and forth for a few seconds, and voila! shells and eggs are officially separated. [See it here]

6. Hack Pandora

As user “sanhiro” graciously points out, you can skip Pandora’s commercials by simply deleting the word ‘inactive’ from the end of the URL when it asks if you are still listening. [See it here]

7. Eliminate Poo-Splash

Few things in life are worse than the cheek-splashing revenge of a fast-fired turd. If it’s a problem for you, put down a few strips of toilet paper before opening the bomb doors. (Thanks to the user “menofthewest”) [See it here]

8. Holding Corncob Holders

Because silverware drawers just never seem equipped to handle corncob holders, you’ll need to take matters into your own hands. Cut off a small rectangular section of a clean dry sponge and insert cob holders. Presto. (Courtesy of user “Nerobus”) [See it here]

9. Fly Removal 101

User “AstroTaternaut”, exasperated by the occasional fly that wouldn’t leave his room, came up with this brilliant solution. Open the door, turn off the lights, turn on the hall light. Close door when fly leaves. [See it here]

10. Entwining Extension Cords

As the user “md91” wisely advises, if you want to connect two extension cords so they wont come unplugged if tugged, tie them in a single loop knot. [See it here]

11. Microwavease

Clearly a Bukowski fan, user “factotum218” offers this solution for frequent microwave users. Set the timer to 99.99, and use as needed. [See it here]

12. Shave in the Shower

Most women already know about this one, but the user “pigferret” seems to think most men don’t. So shave in the shower. It’s a convenient time saver and a solution to sink whiskers. [See it here]

13. Orange Roll

Roll an orange between your hands, applying a slight amount of pressure to loosen up the skin a bit. Not only will it be easier to peel, it will also be juicer. [See it here]

14. Cat Burglar Hack

Open doors quietly and reduce squeak by lifting up on the handle while opening. It is unclear whether or not criminal activities motivated user “thinktank58” to invent this one, but it certainly works. [See it here]

15. Dial 9

User “Ponymash” avers that dialing 9 when receiving a call from a telemarketer immediately ends the call and adds your number to the do-not-call list. Apparently it works about 95% of the time. [See it here]

By using these simple hacks, experts estimate you can save millions of dollars each year, add decades to your life, get overnight six-pack abs, and become up to 25% happier in a matter of months. Best of all, you’ll finally have somewhere to store those pesky corncob holders. Thanks Reddit!

About the Author: This list of very useful and helpful home hackery was compiled by the folks at Policy Expert; a UK based home insurance service.

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