Website Realizer 1.7.9 Review

Posted on March 19, 2013 by Nikhil P Naik
The advantages of website builders are not difficult to understand. Years before the advent of WYSISWYG designing, the only way to build websites was to hire the service of a professional website designer. Often it meant spending hours and days with the designer and spending tons of money for their services. Things are vastly different these days.
Website Realizer

You can do website designing yourself with software like Website Realizer. The advantage is you don’t have to learn extensive HTML coding, CSS and template designing. The software does everything and generates the code for your browser to read. There are scores of free WYSIWYG software out in the internet, but, most lack in support and documentation. The paid ones give you support services which are important factors in deciding your choice.

Website Realizer Trial Version Released

One of the new WYSIWYG designing tools to hit the market is Website Realizer version 1.7.9. You can download a trial version which is valid for 15 days. It has features that make learning website designing easy. Before you download the trial version visit sample sites built using this software to satisfy that it meets your requirements.

Features Related to Site Management
  • Easy file management. Which means you can move files within the directories and the link within pages get rearranged to the new order
  • You can load external files from other sources to be incorporated in your website
  • Chances of missing files are minimized by the use of an in-built warning system
  • Built in feature includes backup and restore facilities
Features Related to Editors
  • Ready to insert text, images and forms
  • Ability to mark H1 through H6 (Headings that help to be found by search engines)
  • Wrap text around images ability available
  • Special character insertion simplified and made easy
  • Spell checker included in the software
Features Related to CSS
  • A separate editor for writing Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Automatic generation of a global style sheet for your website
  • Automatic Style Sheet update service included
  • Customized Style Sheet feature for experienced users
  • Import of externally written CSS allowed
Features Related to HTML Source Editor
  • Inserting HTML codes into pages enabled to give enhanced appearance to web pages
  • Automatic code suggestions included in the software
  • Relative paths between pages within the website automated
Features Related to Template Pages
  • You can prepare as many templates as you need and keep it stored
  • Dynamic content is enabled to give latest changes as they happen
Tools Included in the Software
  • Image Editor for creating photos, graphics and other visuals within the software
  • Navigation Bar editor to make inserting links within pages and referencing
  • You can create your own button and save money
  • You can create your own bullet marks from scratch
  • Create your own Color Analyzer with the included color palette
  • A link checker to find if all your external links are live

For Screenshots, Templates, support and downloading the software, visit

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