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Posted on January 28, 2013 by Jennifer Cornwall

There are birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and other special occasions all year around and finding the right gift for the right price is needless to say, confusing and time-consuming. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore! With a number of gift finding apps in the market, you are sure to find something that fits your shopping and gift giving needs. While most shopping apps concentrate on helping the user find best deals, there are some others that help you find unique gift ideas and a few others that will help you grab that right gift for the techie in your life. Here are some of the best iPhone and Android apps that will make the task of shopping for gifts nothing but simple!

Amazon Mobile

Amazon Gift

Amazon Mobile is one of the first gift giving apps to be launched and is really useful for those who would prefer to do all their shopping in one place. The app is basically a smartphone version of the Amazon store and allows you to access to all products available on the site. Amazon Mobile lets you search and compare scores of products online versus in-store. The app, similar to the web-store, has a shopping cart and an option to save your purchase and shipping information. Additionally, through an interesting barcode scanning function, the app helps you find, compare and purchase products on Amazon that you find in stores. This is a free oldie but goodie app for the iPhone and Android!

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Gifting a techie is not so easy and you know there are better gifts than chocolates and flowers. Giftmeister helps you find the right gifts for the techie people in your life! The app uses information such as the gift receiver’s gender, age, demographic data, and lifestyle that you enter, and suggests gifts based on the info. Giftmeister lets you set gift budgets and a price range for each product you search. You can compare prices and opt to receive notifications when the price of an item of your interest drops below a set threshold.

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As the name indicates, ShopSavvy is an app that lets you find a perfect gift while staying within the budget limit. The app scans barcodes and offers price comparisons and reviews from over twenty thousand retailers. Its barcode-scanning feature provides you with real-time pricing and product availability. ShopSavvy supports all types of barcodes and the latest version offers novel features such as barcode recognition in all orientations and quick scanning. The app is also integrated with Facebook and
Twitter that lets you share your shopping finds.

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SnapTell combines the mighty product information of Amazon Mobile with the barcode-scanning ability of ShopSavvy. The app lets you click a picture of a video game, book, CD or DVD, identifies the product, and then gives the pricing information, ratings, and reviews for it. The app also lists the merchant’s selling the products as well as relevant links to Wikipedia, Google, and YouTube.

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Good Guide


Designed to help you choose a perfect gift for the eco-conscious individuals in your life, the Good Guide mobile app identifies, rates, and reviews products for eco-friendliness. You can scan a product’s barcode and this app will tell you how eco-friendly the product is, based on its safety, health, social and environmental responsibility ratings. Good Guide has a large database of more than 120,000 products in categories like electronics, household, apparel, appliances, pets, personal care, babies etc.

Designed to help you do more than finding the right gift, these apps surely take the stress out of gift- buying. One of these apps is sure to work for you. Go ahead and let your iPhone or Android help you with the gift-buying process!

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