Enterprise Mobile Applications: Top Security Threats

Posted on January 16, 2013 by Samara Hayden

When it comes to enterprise app development security is a challenge. Mobile applications that are being developed for use at enterprise levels need to maintain the highest standards of security, to ensure that they don’t lose sensitive information to hostile sources.

If you know about these threats, you will be able to avoid them. So, let’s take a look at some of the top threats that developers need to be aware about. Awareness about these security concerns will help you build apps that have been built keeping in mind these specific concerns.

Enterprise Mobile Application

Stolen Devices

Device thefts are one of the gravest security concerns that developers need to be ready for. An enterprise mobile app is safe only when the device is in the hands of the person who is authorized to use that app, but what if the device gets stolen. If this device has sensitive corporate data on it, courtesy the mobile app, a tech savvy thief can gain access to it, if stringent security features are not in place.

To ensure that corporate data doesn’t pass into the hands of unauthorized users in case of device theft, developers can put in place a functional component, wherein, the corporate IT team can erase all the data immediately, when the employee apprises them of the device theft.

Threats from Malware

This is a common method used by cybercriminals to get their hands on sensitive data. It’s a concern that is slowly growing amongst companies that are using enterprise mobile apps, as an important part of their business process.

As the business of developing mobile applications for enterprise is just starting to grow, the threat perception through malware is still in its nascent stages; but when it starts picking up steam, the threat perception will only increase. Developers have to brace themselves for an attack by Trojans, monitoring tools, or by other malicious applications. An app should be developed keeping these threats in mind.

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Leaking Data

Data leaks need to be plugged. The problem here is that this is more of a device problem then something that is related to application security. Nevertheless, it’s important that app developers are aware about this threat, so that they ensure that even if the overall security of the device is faulty; their app has enough security measures in place, to protect data leakage.

It is increasingly being seen that criminals are targeting the lax security system of devices to get their hands on sensitive data.  This is why integrating data protection layers, is an absolute must.

To Conclude

As enterprise application development picks up steam and more and more organizations deploy the use of custom developed enterprise applications to improve their process efficiencies in different ways, the threats will also see an increase. What is even more important is that the potency of these threats will increase and developers will have a job on their hands to put in place security features that are able to combat these threats.

Developers, who are serious about protecting their mobile devices from malicious attacks, need to keep identifying new threats to remain on top of things. It’s only if you are well aware of the threat perceptions that you can avoid them.

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