How to Automatically Log On in Windows 8

Posted on January 12, 2013 by Nikhil P Naik

The newly launched Windows 8 gives you two different methods to log into your PC. The first one comes through a Microsoft account, which simply syncs over your settings and the application across the Windows 8 based computers. The second option is through a local account, which is known as a standard option since the inception of windows. For your PC at home, you can think of removing the passwords and choose the option of automatically login.

windows 8 logon screen

Once you start using Windows 8, you would certainly like using it through the Microsoft account since it helps you to transfer the settings and applications without much hassle among different windows based computers. But in order to do this, you would need to login using your email address and password. The users are often perplexed about configuring their machines for the automatic login since it happens to be an online account. Luckily with the following simple steps you could automatically logon over your Windows 8 based PC. Let’s check them out:

Getting started

Windows 8 simply works the same manner the way Windows 7 does especially when you talk about logging inside automatically. It is quite possible to configure any user account for the automatic logon using the given below steps.

Step I

In your first step, you need to start your Windows 8 PC and simply log into it using your respective user account. After doing this, you would be taken over the Metro user interface (UI) start screen.

Now type Windows + R” so as to run the dialogue box where you need to need to type – “netplwiz” over the given white space seen at the top and then hit the enter key. This will give you the User Accounts screen over your desktop monitor. In case if you are UAC prompt message, just click YES”. At this place, you get to see the entire number of user accounts, which your system knows or carries.

Step II

Now you need to locate the option, which says –  ‘Users must enter name & password to use this computer’, which is seen at a small windows box over the top. You simply need to uncheck this option at the given box and then click at the OK button.

user accounts

Step III

After the above step, you will see a new window opening up, where you are supposed to put a password for the respective chosen username. After entering the password, you are supposed to click over the option of OK. Once you confirm the password, the Windows simply saves it for you, this means, you are not required to enter the password next time when you boot your Windows 8 based system.

Last step

Once you finish this step, it is recommended to restart your windows 8 based PC and check whether the logon is simply bypassed or not. In case, if it is not working, you are then supposed to open up the User Accounts screen followed by checking whether the changes made are rightly saved. If you are able to automatically bypass the Metro User Interface, you have the choice of opening the configuration screen of User Accounts with the help of a “shortcut keys of Windows + R” followed by putting ‘netplwiz’ over the run box.

Final word

In case if there are multiple user accounts on your computer, you could also specify a particular user that you would like Windows 8 to log on into during startup. This can be done by the following step:

Just tick the option of “Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer” in step II as mentioned above.

Choose the username of the local user account or Windows Live user account that you prefer to use while logging onto your PC at startup.

Untick Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer” box, and click OK.

Enter twice the password of the  local user account or Microsoft account that you selected and click OK.

auto logon

IMPORTANT: If the chosen user account has no password, you can leave the password field empty but MS accounts always has a passsword. 

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