Six Best iPad Math Apps for Kids

Posted on January 3, 2013 by Matthew Young

Parents from all parts of the world have just recently discovered the benefits of using the iPad to get their kids to learn about almost anything. Since kids get instantly attracted to using the shiny, high-tech device, they easily get drawn to it. This is advantageous for parents in the sense that if you would like your kids to learn more about mathematics, for example, there are thousands of apps that you can download that will help you do just that. When choosing which app to download, make sure that it is both fun to use and educational. In the following section, we will enumerate the top six coolest iPad apps that will turn your kid into a math whiz in no time at all.

Get Your Kids to Scrunch Numbers Like a Whiz with these iPad Apps

If there are 250,000 apps currently available through the iTunes store and 4,000 of these are math-related, how can you decide which one to download on your tablet computer? You would want to have a variety of options to really refine your child’s problem solving skills in math. When choosing among the many apps available, make sure that you have ones which are fun and addicting in nature but will still help your kid with math. You can also go for age-appropriate math skills development apps, as well as ones that the entire family can enjoy playing.

To help you out, here is our list of the top six iPad apps for kids that will have them falling in love with math in no time!

ArithmeTick for iPad

ArithmeTick App

Both kids and adults will be blown away by the challenge presented by the ArithmeTick app for the iPad. Basically, your objective is to solve math problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Sounds easy enough? It may seem so at first, but the twist is that you have to solve the problems against a ticking timer. You need to solve as many problems as you can before time runs out. With five levels of difficulty and a practice mode, this is one app that you will not mind spending your time solving at all.

Doodle Numbers

Doodle Numbers

As indicated on the iTunes website, Doodle Numbers is an addictive number matching game which is suited for both kids and adults. The objective of the game is to clear the math board by removing pairs of numbers according to the rules which will be displayed on screen.

Math Drills Lite

Math Drills

Perfect for school age kids, Math Drills Lite lets kids learn about their basic math skills including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. With different themes, practices, tests, speed graphs, hints, wooden blocks, number lines and a host of other features, using this app might as well turn you into a math whiz.

Math Ninja HD

Math Ninja HD

With fun characters like cat-bots, ninjas and giant tomatoes, getting your kids to learn about math has never been this fun! The action-packed strategy game lets players choose their weapons and use their skills in math to defend the castle.

Math Soccer

Math Soccer

Combine your son’s love for football with helping him to develop his skills in math with this app. Each round lasts for 60 seconds and once players get the correct answer, an example of the benefits of learning math is shown on screen.

Panasonic Prime Smash!

Panasonic Prime Smash!

Lastly, there’s the Panasonic Prime Smash which has a goal of capturing prime numbers. There are three game levels and by simply touching the prime numbers on the screen, you will earn points. Take your pick from any of these iPad apps and get your kid to love math even more.

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