The Best Online Payment Platforms and Processors

Posted on December 25, 2012 by Jason Boden

With the continuous innovation in technology these past decade, transactions can now be successfully made online. Sellers and buyers, as well as business owners and workers, from all over the world are now multiplying in many virtual marketplaces where instant transactions can be made with only the use of the internet. These online payment processors make deals and transactions faster and more convenient. However, such transactions require sensitive information such as credit card numbers and bank accounts. This information, when not handled out properly, may be placed in the hands of the wrong persons. To avoid such anomaly, online payment processors are called for.

online payment

Online payment processors are companies that handle credit card transactions and online transactions. These processors are of great help, especially for business owners, since it allows you to track and manage various payment types with no difficulty. As a retailer, it allows your customers to have a quick way paying services with the use of their debit or credit cards. It also helps in reducing the risk of probable fraud and removing the hassle of manual payment. As a customer, these processors help in making fast and secure transactions. You need not to worry whether your payment will reach the supplier or not. At the same time, it permits shopping anytime without having to bring a bundle of cash. Shopping is also made easier since the hassle of manually paying is removed.

Here is a list of five of the most reliable online processors that you can check:



The most renowned and the reliable payment platform. PayPal, a business processor owned by eBay, processes more than four million dollars in payments. PayPal is one of the most widely known and used payment processors available. Not only is it used for taking up payments, PayPal allows its users to send payments online, a feature that only a few can provide. It offers users a shopping cart and various options that would surely fit to anybody’s business needs. At the same time, it is very easy to set up – you can either use your credit card or open a new one. This is a processor that millions of people from around the world trust. You can be sure that your transactions would be safe with PayPal.



Formerly known as AlertPay, Payza is one of the greatest merchants to receive and send money online. With its new brand name, comes new services. Payza now has a new delivery service, optimized features, and a user-friendly platform. It allows its users to send money to over 190 countries around the world and to receive money instantly. It also features a Payza eWallet which allows users to pay bills and shop online. Payza, unlike other processors, offers its services for free. At the same time, its features are almost the same as PayPal. As of now, it is known to be the leading payment processor online to compete with PayPal.



Xoom is a great online processor for those countries which are not reached by most processors available. With its safety system, users are assured that their money will reach the destination safely in no time. It makes sending money around the world, easy and hassle free. Users can have their funds drawn directly from their bank accounts or credit cards to pay for the money transfer. It allows its recipients to pick up their money in cash or delivered directly to their door.

Google Wallet

Google Wallet

Since 2006, Google has been offering a payment process known as Google Checkout, that later on was rebranded as Google Wallet. Buyers from all over the world can open an account and make payments. A fraud protection service is run through every transaction decreasing the risk of online scam. For Google users with an account, making a purchase online becomes a simpler process through Checkout. Though this isn’t allowed for international merchants, it is still a good place to pay for goods and services online.


Skrill or Moneybookers


Skrill, earlier known as Moneybookers, is tagged to be the European version of PayPal. Providing users with over a hundred payment options in more than 200 counties, it is considered as one of the leading online payment processor in Europe. Using this processor, you can receive your payments converted to the currency of your choice. It features a secure and safe payment system as an instant withdrawal facility. It also comes with an eWallet that users can use in shopping online.

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