How to Track and Evaluate your SEO Strategy

Posted on December 11, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

The cyber world is expanding its boundaries at a rapid space, boarding in new websites, radical technologies and driving indefinite number of visitors. The recent trend is that businesses are obliged to be a part of this cyber world in order to fend off competition and capture new opportunities. Though maintaining a website for this purpose is not a tedious task, the related processes that come along is one to contemplate on. One such related process is search engine optimization, and it is one of the prime processes that decide the fate of a website in the ever expanding cyber world. The business competition in this cyber world is agonistic, hence it is easy for developing businesses to be easily cast off and overpowered.


The only way for businesses to strive in this intense environment is to rely on certain services and implement sustainable adaptive strategies. A popular sustainable strategy that every business should adopt to become self-sustainable is search engine optimization. The whole process of SEO came into existence as a result of the dot-com bubble in the late 1990s, when the usage of online search services was in its infancy. Now, with almost two decades gone since then, the situation is head over heels, search services is prominent and search engines play a pivotal role in advertising the presence of a website on the Web.

There are two justifications to this trend:

Firstly, users are increasingly reliant on search engines to direct them to an online location, and secondly the web space has predominately blown-up in size thus making it hard to find specific locations independently without search engines. Though this has happened, the objective of search engines to provide authentic results based on keywords queried has not changed. The reliance on search engines has also become ever so important, which means search engines have monopolized the search by setting policies and terms that websites are required to meet in order to be listed on search engine results page (SERP). The monopoly is evident in the fact that search engine behemoths like Google often update their algorithms and penalize websites that do not comply with their updates.

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SEO is defined as a process that comprises of numerous organic methods when employed will help websites get listed on search engine results and rank better on search engines. There are two types of SEO: White Hat and Black Hat SEO. While the white hat technique is authorized by search engines, the black hat techniques are scrutinized by search engines. The cliché to SEO is that the efforts employed cannot be judged, and the effectiveness of the whole process is only visible after some time. With all these things at stake, the only thing webmasters can tangibly do is comply with prescribed guidelines and overhaul strategies based on the latest trends.


I have elaborated below some tips that will help webmasters track and evaluate SEO efforts:

  • The prime aspect of SEO is that it is rapidly evolving and there is a need to quickly adapt to the changing trends in order to stay ahead of the competition. As a webmaster, your prime objective will be to update your website with the developing trends and employ best practices that will comply with search engine guidelines. For this purpose, it is advisable to read at least three SEO related articles weekly and participate in webmaster conferences.
  • The second most important thing while evaluating your SEO efforts is to make sure all the keyword trends cater to your target customers. Though SEO is for search engines, ultimately it is a way to let target customers know about products and services. For this purpose, monitor the keywords in your niche with the help of analytics, social monitoring and customer relationship. Also Read: 5 Must-Know Tips for Choosing Keywords
  • Follow your competitors’ developments closely and analyze their efforts to frame your SEO strategies accordingly. It is advisable that you review your competitor’s inbound links, SERP listings and online media coverage frequently.
  • Do not isolate SEO strategies from your enterprise’s business roadmap, as this will hinder business management capabilities. Keep your SEO team informed about the enterprise’s marketing efforts and advise them to track SEO efforts at a holistic way.
  • The bedrock of SEO is quality content that will enhance indexing and page rankings. So, ensure that the content hosted in your website includes quality and easily understandable content. Kindly review the most popular content in your website annually, and update the content to suit the latest trends.
  • SEO strategies are often rendered useless due to changes updated in search engine algorithms. Of late, search engines like Google prefer fresh and keyword relevant content that comply with their policies. Hence it is mandatory to update your website accordingly and enhance the style of your website to keep visitors engaged for a longer duration.
  • SEO strategies at times do not work as initially planned, thus evaluate and replace them once in a while. It is also advisable that you discontinue the strategies with lower return on investment. Finally, analyze the impact of an SEO strategy before employing it and replacing it.

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