Advantages of Mobile Electronic Signatures

Posted on December 10, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

The Digital electronic signature is the present day useful and convenient solution for managing agreements, documents and contract papers online. It has slowly diminished the need for traditional and old-fashioned ways of having the need to sign documents and taking the consent from various authorities and mailing or faxing to and fro that is too much time consuming. These tasks can now be carried out instantly online in a lightning quick pace.

mobile electronic signatures

The next level of electronic signatures has already arrived. Now it is the mobile electronic signatures that is creating a buzz all around. Many businesses and corporates look forward to using these mobile applications as these help them sign documents and papers on the go. Many online signature service providers have incorporated their service to the mobile level as well with the making of mobile e-signature applications. SignNow is one of them. The advantages of mobile e-signatures over the exchanging of paper documents for signatures is the reason for their success.

Why Mobile e-signatures?

RightSignature, one of the renowned online signature tool, estimates the cost for processing a signed document from anywhere between $0.40 to $1.50.

Docusign, another online signature application estimates an average cost of $20 to $25 a month per user.

e-Signature apps that are available in the market currently adds flexibility and originality to the signature. To reduce and cut down these unwanted and hidden costs, mobile electronic signatures have been introduced.  It is a very handy and indispensable technology for those wanting to be at ease during their work hours. Anybody who has subscribed to the Mobile e-signature by paying a nominal fees and is having an account can sign in from any part of the world using his/her mobile device to sign electronically and send out documents online.

DocuSign and SignNow as mentioned earlier have released their application on mobile platforms including Google Android, Apple iPhone and and Microsoft Windows Mobile. DocuSign also is compatible with Blackberry where as RightSignature have their iOS app.

mobile esign

Let’s analyse some of the advantages of mobile e-signatures:

1. Many businesses find great value in mobile devices as they allow users to work conveniently even when traveling or while on business trips. A priceless possession to business professionals as this has increased the quality and efficiency of many businesses.

2. Having a mobile phone with a signature app running on it helps professionals and bosses to take up and complete more signing tasks in a relatively lesser time. The physical presence of the person hardly matters. They can manage digital contracts along with other documents and carry out editing tasks while meeting customers

3. Secure and Efficient Signature Technology – This convenient tool helps you work efficient, safe and secure manner without having to look for safes to conceal your important documents.

4. Fast and simple – Helps in instantaneous communication and legalizing deals by removing the barricade of slow and expensive process of written contracts.

5. A Convenient and Economical Solution that cuts down the needless delays – Waiting for written documents and contracts that needs signatures from more than a single party and and to make their way from one place to another can be painful process and even expensive as transporation charges will be incured. But Mobile Electronic signature is an ultimate solution that cuts downcosts by avoiding the exchanging and storing of paper documents.

The demerit

It would be better to take up some precautionary measures with mobile signatures considering the fact that this technology is relatively new and needs more recognition globally in order to make it a better tool. According to Joy Butler, who is a lawyer in Washington, D.C. – “There is also a dark side to the new technologyWhen we begin completing transactions with the click of a button as we scurry from one meeting to the next, we may momentary forget that these are real binding contracts and neglect to give each document the scrutiny it deserves.

But the truth is that it’s advantages holds an edge over it’s disadvantages hence I feel there is no harm whatsoever in incorporating Mobile Electronic Signatures in your daily professional life. Earlier in this week, we had compiled a list of the best electronic signature tools for beginners and professionals. Here is the link to the article – The Best Online Signature Makers – Free and Paid. Do check it out.

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