The One Thing You Need to Change to Become a Better Blogger

Posted on December 9, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

There was a time when you really believed that starting your blog is a good idea; you have a lot of knowledge about the topic you’re writing about, you know that you can teach it to someone who needs it, you want to be seen and recognized as the expert you are. And you write and publish regularly, you see in your analytics that people do come to your blog – but there’s something very wrong with it all: by the number of people who read your posts, you normally expect more comments, more shares, more links; you expect that they would want to stay longer and explore your other posts because you know that you’re not talking gibberish, you know your stuff and your visitors can make good use of it. There’s none of that; if a random comment happens, you’re still excited. You thought it would be different by now.

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Is there something wrong with what you’re writing about? Probably not.

Whatever your topic may be, there are people who want to read about it. And you are delivering value, it’s all based on your knowledge and your experience. Supposedly you’ve explored the market before you got into creating your blog in the first place; since the visitors are finding you, the market is still there and you’re doing a good job in presenting your blog in front of their eyes.

But they don’t seem to like your writing. It can’t be anything else (unless you have those annoying popups and tons of ads – but you’re smarter than that). Have you checked the average time they spend on your blog and the number of pages visited? If a vast majority of your visitors didn’t check more than one page, and if the time they spent on your blog is telling you that they haven’t read even one post all the way through – you’re in a serious trouble.

This is telling you that, if you continue doing things the way you’re doing now, you’re doomed. Your posts will never go viral, you’ll never get people to subscribe, and your name will never be remembered.

You’re boring.

OK, this is maybe too harsh and not entirely true – but something is definitely wrong with your writing. And judging by what we see on too many blogs today, you’re not the only one. People start off with big plans, but they lose their passion along the way, and that becomes obvious in the way they write their posts. Or they forget the true purpose of their blog: yes, sharing your knowledge and educating people should be your primary focus, but you have to convince your audience that you are the one they should trust.

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And, as superficial as this may sound – you have to entertain them. You have to convince them, to keep their attention. Which is hard to do when you’re writing without having your audience in mind – and that’s the whole point of this post.

Why it’s important to write with audience in mind

Sitting in your room or office, you don’t have the feeling that a living person will read what you’re  writing; you’re more focused on exposing facts and thoughts, than to the way they will be perceived. And that’s what’s wrong: you’re not convincing. You’re not talking to anyone in particular, and your text is not conversational.

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re promoting a product, or just want people to react to your post – the principle is the same: you’re always selling, selling a story. And right now it doesn’t seem like you’re doing a very good job with selling yours.

How to sell a story?

By simply presenting it as one. You already have the subject – you only need to change the way you write about it. And you don’t have to do anything that you aren’t doing already in real life – you just have to imagine that you’re talking to a live person.

To put things in perspective: take the subject of any of your published posts and imagine that you have to cover that same subject in front of a live audience of 200 people. You want to educate them, but do you think they will listen after a few sentences if you don’t find a way to present your story in a way that will get them interested?

Imagine that you’re visible.

  • Would you start your story the same way?
  • Would you change the tone?
  • Would you be more descriptive in some parts?
  • Would you try to be more interesting?

Do you assume that all of them have the same level of knowledge as you? – They wouldn’t be listening to you if they had.

You see the point. And that’s all you have to do every time you start writing a new post: imagine these 200 people and write for them. Make your posts worthy of their audience.

Like nothing else, the feeling of being visible will make you think twice as hard not only about what you’re writing, but about how you’re writing as well. Thank me later.

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