Apple Store: Are They Taking The App Out of hAPPiness?

Posted on December 8, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

Apple Store: An app for this, an app for that; a large proportion of modern society is ‘app ‘appy’ and we don’t hold back if we think an app is diabolical. Why should we? We had to pay for the damn thing in the first place. The odd 59p or 99p here and there doesn’t sound like a lot; but take it from someone who knows, it adds up.

So how come those really bad apps still come up first when you search for them, even when they are so terrible? The current iOS app store is counting nearly 1 million apps and that’s excessive. Do you want to trawl through 1 million apps looking for a good simple one to time your boiled egg? I certainly wouldn’t want to have to look for a good app that edited document; that’s like a bad app mine just waiting to be set off.

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For all the apple fan boys out there who buy the latest Apple device when it hits the shelves.  Or queue for a week at a time outside the store and splash your hard earned cash on anything and everything you can lay your hands on, ask yourself this; don’t you deserve some sort of service back other than poor software support and a drained bank balance?

The app store is a failed developer’s wet dream; I’d take a very good educational guess and say that at least 80%-90% of the apps available are failing, useless or very poor quality. They promise you that their app will turn you iDevice into a Transformer who will conquer the Decepticons whilst you slurp on your hot beverage at base camp. In reality you boot up the app and your mighty robot crashes and that’s that; no refund for you, and no heroic Autobot battle. A crying shame, but you can buy one that indicates your battery life for you. Even though Apple has put in a battery life icon already, it makes perfect sense that you have just purchased another one for £1; Are you kidding me people?!

So you have haemorrhaged away your wages on your new iDevice; Check. Been bitten in the backside by terrible apps; Check. Your phone keeps crashing because of all the rubbish you’ve downloaded; check. Now what should Apple be doing for you? For a premium price, you should be getting a premium service.

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I can hear what you’re saying in response to that, and no, having categories on their app store which show an apps ratings and feedback is not premium. Having a top 25 category is not premium, because unless you have been asleep and missed it; not everything you read on the internet is true. It’s very easy to fake a rating or a review if you are one of those failed developers hoping to make your mark as big as Angry Birds, and there is only one group of people who suffer, and that my friends, is us.

A lot of apps go to the Apple store to die, so Apple should smooth their transition to the graveyard. They’ve got their ‘geniuses’ who are there to help your poorly devices or technical problems so perhaps they should be in charge of weeding out all the crap-apps? Any high rated app could get the Genius treatment; put through its paces and if it’s no good; then it’s gone. It would be great for publicity; you can never be too loved Apple, remember that. Your iOS system will thank you when you delete all the dead weight; I fear it might have a migraine with all those badly developed programs inside it.

Don’t bring us just the featured section; you can tell that the big advertisers have paid to have their apps put there. Put in a section for us little people downloading those free apps and those cheap apps and provide us with a little bit more for our pounds and dollars we have all thrown at you.

Weed out those ‘bad apples’ by testing the murky app water before you expect us to dip our toes in, and in return we promise to remain loyal fan boys and work our fingers to the bone to buy your next big thing. Pretty please?

About the Author: Lilly Sheperd is a freelance journalist and occasional blogger mainly interested in topics related to education. 

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