Nintendo Wii Mini Arrives Just in Time for Christmas, To Cost $99.99

Posted on December 2, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

Considered as one of the best kept secrets, Nintendo, a game company, has formally confirmed the release of Wii mini exclusively for Canadian markets. The product is expected to hit the market on 7th December. That it will not be available in the U.S. too is now clear; at least for sometime in the immediate future. Officials who spoke about the release were tight lipped about its launch in other territories. Chances are high that it might never be released outside Canada.

Priced a lot less than the bigger version Wii U, the mini has all the features of the original one, except for the absence of a couple of features here and there. Among those that users may be missing are, they don’t connect to the Internet and don’t support online features in games. The Wii mini is neither compatible with Nintendo GameCube Games discs nor its accessories, it has been revealed.

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In fact, the Wii mini is more or like less for fewer dollars bargain. For the money you dish out, what you will get is a console, a remote controller, the usual sensor bar and power pack. You should not however expect to see the HDTV connectible cable in the pack. The console itself has been made more attractive than the Wii U, with a sleek look in red and black. Traditionally, console manufacturers have depended on making products compact to drive sales, and that includes Xbox 360 and Apple for example. If all goes well, this could possibly provide the Wii mini some extra punch for pushing sales up.

Those who have seen the product aver that the Wii mini is a lot compact, and the company could be possibly pitching on its compactness to drive sales. At a little less than $100 a piece, forecasters believe it should perform a lot better in sales and could possibly give its competitors a run for their money. The timing of the release, ahead of Christmas, it is believed, could possibly bring in bigger sales. Earlier, the site had placed a pre-order link in their homepage for booking, but those who tried are reporting that it does not work. It is believed that the link was placed mistakenly.

Speculators in the U.S. believe that one possible reason why Nintendo chooses to keep the Wii mini out of the U.S. market is the already lowered price on Wii U that hovers around the same retail price for which the Wii mini is proposed to be sold in the Canadian market. The original price of Wii U which began at around $130, sells for lesser now, and above which sellers are offering a further discount, to bring it at par with the Wii mini’s projected selling price in Canada.

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In the meanwhile, the original to the mini, the Wii U, it appears, is doing pretty well in the U.S. Original estimates that the company must have sold around a million hardware is now confirmed by Nintendo of America President Reggie who said that the total hardware sales is now upward of 1.2 million pieces, and that includes, Wii U, Wii, 3DS and DS, with Wii U alone contributing 400,000 to the total shipped till now. He further added that Wii U shipments during the period ending last week had to be capped for some constraints.

It is expected that Wii U supplies may be hit due to shortages and to combat that, shipments to stores are being expedited on a war footing. The ultimate aim is to provide Wii to customers on demand at the stores itself with little or no waiting time. Shortages are nothing new to Wii, retailers say. This has been happening ever since the Wii had hit the market and this time Nintendo proposes combating it vigorously. Even as the shortage persists, Nintendo is pushing for sales by rolling out 5,000 kiosks for displaying Wii U throughout America.

If things go as per plan you will probably be seeing the Wii U in interactive kiosks at The Target, Best Buy, Walrmart, GameStop and Toys ‘R’ Us anytime. You should also be able to get some hands-on experience in the kiosks that will highlight the console’s uniqueness, although not all kiosks may let you try it.

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