The Best File Manager and Explorer Apps For Android

Posted on November 30, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

The Smartphones and tablets bundled with Android Operating System are remarkably increasing these days. These devices support sufficient amount of internal as well as external memory through SD cards which seems that you are having hard disk with your device. To manage and organize the files and folders on the Smartphones or tablets is somewhat tiresome task. But not to worry about that as the Google’s Play Store is a rich collection of applications including a big set of File Manager apps. From these so many apps which should you choose?

To help you answer that question, we have searched the Google Play Store and picked up the best file manager apps for Android. The following list shows them:

File Expert

41,833 votes – Free – Android

File Expert

File Expert is a superb File Manager app for Android with a gorgeous user interface and many features. This app is probably all you will ever want for browsing files on your device. In addition to accessing local files, this app also allows to connect to cloud storage services such as Dropbox and FTP servers. The main thing about this app is it’s available freely.

ASTRO File Manager / Browser

3,31,905 votes – Free – Android

astro file manager

The ASTRO File Manager app is another useful Android application which allows management of files and folders. Apart from the common file browsing and management capabilities, ASTRO also features the file and app backup facility as well as in built image and text viewers, task manager, options for advanced search and a download manager also.

ES File Explorer File Manager

2,22,605 votes – Free – Android

es file manager
ES File Explorer is another Android File Manager app which is absoultely free and provides features to manage files and folders on your Android device very easily. It also allows access to the colud storage such as DropBox or Google Drive. It also supports file extraction and encryption of ZIP files.

AndroZip File Manager

73,728 votes – Free – Android

The AndroZip is a well known app for creating and opening archives. It provides great file manager facilities to easily navigate through the folders and files on  internal memory or external SD cards. It also comes with a task manager and a backup/recovery service to help yourAndroid device more secure. In the premium version you can also share files on your device via emails.

X-plore File Manager 

17,737 votes – Free – Android

best file manager apps android x plore 120726
It is very much similar to the Dual File Manager XT Android app which allows opening of dual file explorer in a single screen. Apart from that it also gives look and feel like a desktop interface on your Smartphone with some extra features. The managing of files and folders as well as creating and opening ZIP files are the basic features of this app.

Dual File Manager XT

1,729 votes – Free – Android

best file manager apps android dual file manager

This great Android app, as it name suggets, allows you to open two windows at a same time in your screen. Thus if you do not like to switch back and forth between windows, then Dual File Manager XT is the just right choice for you. It seems like having Windows Explorer on your Android device which allows you to easily compare and find files without having to switch to another screen.

Root Browser (File Manager)

781 votes – $ 0.99 – Android

android root explorer

Root Browser is also a great app for Android having so many nice features which makes your phone a completely customized. It lets you manage and organize your files and directories very easily and lets you navigate through your internal or external SD card storage with the beautiful User Interface.

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