Olx India TV Commercial Campaign – “Where Buyers meet Sellers”

Posted on November 28, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

With the advancement in the Internet Technology, eCommerce is taking a long stride forward and people are making the most out of it. Talking of eCommerce, Classifieds is the field that is emerging rapidly talking of classified, people put up in India are certainly not missing out on it. One such famous india classifieds is Olx.in that has become a marketplace for people to sell and buy their stuff without having to pay for the service offered. It is free to use and a very handy one. Initiated in March 2006 and making its mark on over 96 countries including Hong Kong, Philippines, China, and Canada, Olx certainly is the best among its class in India.


Olx India

Some of the highlighting features about the OLX India Classifieds and their website:
  • It is available in over 96 countries and in 40 different languages.
  • A mobile friendly site and has got a good mobile interface.
  • You have the feature of sharing your Ads on your social networking platforms as well.
  • Enables you to design and customize bright and colourful ads with beautiful illustrations.
  • Olx is available in your local languages as well.
So how do you use Olx?
You can either use it as a registered member or put up ads anonymously without having an account as well. But I highly recommend you to register yourself on their site as it is just a 2 minute process and registering also helps keep track of your record for future reference. Once registered an account, you can start of with the buying and the selling from the very next minute. Also the fact that Olx has got a beautifully designed user-friendly website.
Olx is not just a Classifieds or a marketplace to buy and sell goods but also a community where you meet potential friends and also get to bargain for the product that opt to buy.
Olx is gaining popularity day by day, and even with the endless increase in its popularity and their customer base, they are not going to stop. OLX has broken this digital barrier in India because since 2011 it is present in television. With the organised and the official campaign “Where Buyers Meet Sellers“, Olx.in has come up with humorous TV commercials that put forward some of the daily activities highlighting the benefits of advertising and exposing one’s product on one of the best in business in the field of classified ads so as to to make the most out of it. Here are a couple of them:


Ollx, as I mentioned before is well recognized classifieds all over the world. Here is an OLX Television commercial that is broadcasted in Africa:

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