Bitdefender Windows 8 Security Review

Posted on November 24, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

Windows 8 security has been enhanced to the next level as Bitdefender, one of the best Antivirus and Internet security provider has come up with another new powerful application and this time around they have released it specially for the Windows 8. It is known as the “Bitdefender Windows 8 security“. A first of its kind, Bitdefender Windows 8 security provides a complete package of Internet security tailor-made for Windows 8.

Bitdefender Windows 8 Security

Windows 8 security features will be something to worry for the users as it is relatively new. It’s common that in the intial stages, it would be very much vulnerable to crashes and getting affected by viruses. Also traditional worms, viruses, rootkits will still infiltrate in Desktop Mode – potentially causing crashes and slowdowns. Bitdefender Windows 8 security is the fix to all these problems.

Following are the features  that is lacked by Windows Defender – the default Windows 8 security application and is included in the Bitdefender Security for Windows 8:

  • Behavior Analysis For New Threats
  • Browser Security
  • Dedicated Online Transactions Protection
  • Autopilot Mode
  • Emergency Rescue Mode
  • Advanced Parental Controls

Other powerful Bitdefender Windows 8 Security features are as follows:

Unparalleled Security

  • Bitdefender Safepay™
  • MyBitdefender dashboard
  • Online Remote Management
  • Parental Control
  • USB Immunizer
  • Active Virus Control
  • Emergency Rescue Mode
  • Virtualized Browser
  • Vulnerability Scanner
  • Thorough Antispam Filter
  • Two-way Firewall

Total Privacy

  • Personal Data Filter
  • Antiphishing
  • Chat Encryption

Full Speed

  • Scan Dispatcher

Safe Social Networking

  • Social Network Protection
  • Search Advisor

Absolute Silence

  • Bitdefender Autopilot™
  • Safe Social Networking
  • Social Network Protection
  • Search Advisor

It has got a really nice user-friendly interface hence making it easy for the users to play around with it’s features and buttons.


You can choose from either of the 5 various Scan options which are as follows:

– Quick Scan

– System Scan

– Custom Scan

– Vulnerability Scan

– Rescue Mode

All these 5 modes of scan are pretty easy to use as these are handled automatically through internal processes. Here is a screenshot of how a Quick Scan feature looks like:


Some other highlighting characteristics include:

Early Start-up Scanner: Uses ELAM [Understanding Early Launch Anti-Malware] technology to prevents dangerous malware from infecting your computer at Windows 8 startup.

Proactive App Scanner: Automatically analyses your Windows 8 apps and notifies you when one has been compromised or suspicious activity takes place.

Security Info: Bitdefender is integrated with the Windows Security Center and constantly keeps you informed of the security status of your PC.

Scan Boost Technology: Experience the antivirus product you’ve always sought – high scanning speed, top anti-malware protection and a streamlined experience.

If you don’t believe what the above descriptions boasts about the product, you can try it for yourself. Download the Trial Version of Bitdefender Windows 8 Security from hereIf you have bought home a new PC/Notebook with Windows 8 OS, this is the go to anti-virus application. This heavily pounded Total Security Suite costs just $59.95 with 1 year validity [1 PC].

If you are a Windows 8 user, do try this out and give us your feedbacks.

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