Apple’s iCloud Problems

Posted on November 21, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

If you are an avid user of the services that are associated with Apple’s iCloud, you may or may not have experienced some frustration at the beginning of this week. Users were reporting to Apple that iMessage and FaceTime services were down on Sunday, with everything getting fixed by Monday.


This angered Apple fans enough, with a growing expectation for the company to avoid all issues as much as possible. But then just yesterday, more problems in the iCloud occurred – this time through a paid service. iTunes Match, the service that allows users to store their music into iCloud and play from any of their device wouldn’t let anyone play anything yesterday.

Reports said that when Match users tried to play a song, all that they would see was the song progress bar sit at “0:00” with no error message or anything come up. If you pay a yearly fee to have Match ($24.99), then you would understand why everyone was running to Apple trying to get some answers with the issues going on.

As of right now, there haven’t been any answers from Apple that explain any of the problems that occurred at the beginning of this week. They have however acknowledged that there was indeed an issue that they were aiming to clear up. Some people were angered when the Cloud website had claimed that all of the systems were functional, with only “some” users experiencing the problems explained above.

According to App Advice, the problems going on with the iCloud could have something to do with the upcoming release of iTunes 11. It’s hard to understand why a release of one service could compromise the others, but it’s the only reasoning thus far. With testing going on for iTunes 11, which is expected to be a completely overhauled version of the music system, some sort of malfunction might have taken place that affected Match.

One way or another, it is an odd combination of errors that Apple has been facing this year. Between the now infamous Apple Maps disaster, to the iCloud issues of this week, people are starting to realize that even a company as strong as Apple can too fall victim to problems.

There is nothing to suggest that Apple is “going down a dark path” (there are enough silly articles like that). But we all should give the company a break every now and then, and perhaps let them catch up to all of the services that they are trying to enter.

Have you had any issues with Apple from any of their services lately? Are you offering the company some patience, or are you growing tired of all the unexpected kinks? Share your thoughts here.

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  1. This is the very reason why I am not into IOS phones or apps. I guess they are not that sensitive to their customers who are paying them I am still patronizing Android phones and apps.

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