5 Tech Toys for Geeks this Christmas

Posted on November 21, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

Christmas is almost upon us once more. The decorations are slowly going up, the nights are drawing in and the iconic adverts have slowly risen from their 11 month-long hibernation. But there is one thing that lets you know it’s Christmas much more than all the other holiday traditions.

‘I don’t want anything this year.’ The catchphrase of harangued men up and down the land as mothers, wives, girlfriends and sisters press for answers to their November questions. How frustrating is that?

Luckily boys are nothing if predictable creatures and you will never go far wrong if you engage their inner child with an eye-catching piece of tech. But where to start? Fear not, there’s no need to get your wires crossed with this handy buying guide to the top boys toys this Christmas.

Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE

For the man in your life who likes to be at the cutting edge of technology but without being flash, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is essentially the same award-winning, 10 million-unit selling mobile that knocked the iPhone of its perch earlier this year but with one extra party trick that not many other phones can pull off.


The Galaxy S3 LTE is one of only a handful of phones that are 4G ready. That means that from last month owners of the LTE can access a mobile internet network that offers speeds of around 40mbps. That’s faster than most household connections, and allows for seamless video and audio streaming on the go, as well as effortless downloads.

Word to the wise though, currently only Everything Everywhere offer 4G contracts, coverage is so far patch as best and contracts start from £36/month for a paltry 500mb of data.

iPad mini

If you always liked the idea of a tablet, and especially an iPad but were put off by the size and price then Apple have just the solution for you. The iPad mini.

iPad mini

Designed to compete with lower priced tablets like the Kindle Fire, the iPad mini gives you access to Apple’s sumptuous minimalist design and street cred for a lower price, although the 16GB model will still set you back around £270.

It’s not the full iPad experience – the screen quality is a little lower which is a shame on a 7.9 inch model, while if the price is still a little too much then the Kindle Fire is definitely worth a look.

Motorola 2 Way Radio

If the man in your life is an action hero at heart then it could be time to indulge him with a pair of two-way radios.

The easy-to-use Motorola TLKR T6 is a great way to keep in touch while camping or on outdoor adventures. With a range of about 1km, the T6 makes a great alternative to keeping in touch with mobile phones – and of course all calls are free.

Motorola 2 Way Radio

The rechargeable batteries last for about 16 hours and the T6 two way radio also doubles up as a baby monitor – but you don’t need to tell him about that little feature.

Microsoft Surface Tablet

microsoft surface tablet

With Google and Apple leading the way in the tablet market, Microsoft has decided to get a slice of the action with its latest offering. A large tablet at 10 inches, the most distinctive aspect of the Surface is the clip on keyboards which come in a multitude of colours that effectively turn it into a laptop, perfect for quick typing. Featuring the new Windows 8 platform, the Surface starts from £399 and is worth a look if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Our article on Microsoft Surface Tablet – Link

GoPro HERO3 Black Edition

Essentially a tiny video camera designed for use during sports, the GoPro Hero3 Black can be attached to pretty much anything and taken anywhere.

GoPro HERO3 Black Edition

Light, small and rugged, the Hero3 can take 12 megapixel pictures, can shoot HD video that can be streamed live and boasts built-in wifi so your favourite videos can be uploaded on the spot.This little beauty will set you back about £360.

About the Author: This post was written by Charlie Curtis-Jones on behalf of Brentwood Communications, click here for two way radios and easy-to-use radio solutions.

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  1. Wow. . . . what a tech collection. Among all these tech gadgets, I love to have Microsoft Surface Tablet as a Christmas gift.

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