Microsoft Reportedly Developing a Mini Gaming Tablet

Posted on November 18, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

The tech grapevine is abuzz with rumors that software giant Microsoft is working on a mini tablet specifically for gaming. It’s not a big shock really, considering that they built one of the most successful and popular gaming consoles, the XBOX.

Unfortunately, the MS Surface tablet could rake up only a mild interest in it, though actual sales are not yet known. So it is not surprising that the tech wizards at Microsoft thought that a marriage of the XBOX and the Surface was in order.

They probably also felt that the ideal way to enter the fray for dominance in the 7 inch tablet market (which has been steadily gaining popularity) would be to introduce a gaming specific tablet.

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The iPad mini, Nexus 7 and several other tablets have all been doing pretty well in the market, and this may have prompted the decision to come out with a 7 incher of their own. Also, positioning it as a gaming tablet will definitely give them a unique advantage.
After all a lot of consumers have started moving away from gaming consoles and now prefer to play on their mobile devices. Sales figures for game consoles like the Sony Playstation Vita, XBOX and Nintendo have seen drops from their previous figures. It does become a little convenient to have your entertainment and communication cum organization all in one device.

Since there are a lot of things being said about what this tablet will and will not contain, let us take a look at all of them:

According to The Verge (who quoted unnamed but ‘reliable’ sources), this tablet will be powered by a custom made ARM chip and have high bandwidth RAM which will be of use in heavy duty gaming. It is also reported that rather than the complete Windows RT, this tablet would be powered by a customized ‘Windows Kernel’ so that the tablet can perform functions like messaging and other applications. Of course, Microsoft themselves are being very tight lipped about the whole thing.

There is also the possibility of this tablet being powered by an under development processor from Intel called SoC.

It supposedly has a 7 inch screen with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, SD slot and the other usual facilities found on any tablet.

It is also thought that the designing and development work is taking place at the company HQ in Silicon Valley, and that it is all very hush hush.

Microsoft, again reportedly, will not be relying on their hardware partners for the manufacture of this gaming tablet and will instead roll out the product from their own factories. After all the CEO, Peter Klein had reiterated that regardless of who manufactures their devices, the company was committed to provide consumers with a plethora of choices, so that everyone will be able to get their hands on what they really want, at a price they can afford.

It is also being said the specification had been leaked as early as June and they have been almost finalized.

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