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Posted on November 15, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

Microsoft officially released Windows 8 last week and some users have been quick to adopt the new operating system (OS). The latest version of Window’s includes some of the most significant changes to Microsoft’s well-established series.

While many of 8’s new features are meant to be intuitive, the new interfaces and program behaviors may be jarring if you’re not prepared for them. Here are some quick tips to help you speed through the learning curve of Windows 8.

Add a “Start” button

While the tiled screen, formerly dubbed “Metro,” is 8’s default interface, you can navigate to a screen that bears more than a passing resemblance to Windows 7 – except there’s no “Start” button on the taskbar.

Laptop Magazine writes, step-by-step, how to create your own shortcut that has the same functionality as “Start” Simply press “New Toolbar” after right-clicking the taskbar and then add all of your folders before pressing “Select Folder.”

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Make tile bookmarks

The tiled interface shares many traits with those used on the Windows Phone. This means any type of content can be pinned to the screen as a shortcut. Users can even turn internet bookmarks into tiles.

Once you’re on a web page, right-click anywhere to open the “App Bar.” Click on the “Pin” symbol, which looks like a thumb tack, and then press “Pin To Start.” You may want to leave the web site’s heading, because Windows 8 uses the Internet Explorer icon for each tile, which may be confusing if you add multiple bookmarks to the start screen.

Create a picture password

Many computers have added new security measures so people can’t break into computers by obtaining your password. For instance, some ultrabooks allow you to set up facial recognition so only you can log in. Windows 8 introduces the concept of picture passwords. At the login screen, you’ll be prompted to draw a series of gestures that you programmed.

Hold down the Windows and “I” buttons then click on “More PC Settings.” Press “Users” and then open the security menu in “Create A Picture Password.” You need to use one of your own images, so upload the photo you want and press “Open.” Click and drag your cursor in three unique ways, such as drawing a straight line before drawing a circle. Recreate these same gestures and press “Finish.” Now you’ll have to draw these lines each time you log in.

The above are only three tips for some of Windows 8’s new features. What tricks have you been using since you started installed the OS?

Summary: Microsoft officially released Windows 8 2 weeks ago and some users have been quick to adopt the new operating system (OS).

Author Bio: Courtney Lee is a freelance writer, Apple enthusiast, and self-proclaimed techie. You can find Courtney sitting at coffee shops with her iPhone and Ultrabook laptop writing away on topics such as the Windows 8 release as well as other tech trends for the 2012 holiday season.

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