5 Tips To Help You Create Eye-Catching Web Titles

Posted on November 5, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

Capturing the right prey, oops, I mean right audience yet?

You can have a perfect website with great articles but still fail to attract readership, and this is due to one simple thing – Your titles. The title of your article can enhance or hamper your site, and will determine the amount of traffic you can attract. The titles of your articles should be eye-catching or attention grabbing so that potential readers take the time to read the articles. Regardless of how interested the reader is on a particular topic, the title will determine whether the article raises interest for the initial peek.

Therefore, to make sure that people visit your site regularly, you should pay keen attention to your titles. This is the first thing that people see when they visit your website and it will determine if the content is worth reading. Your business might be offering amazing deals, but these can go unnoticed simply because of the poor title. This is the first thing that people see about your site when they visit Google or even social media sites such as Facebook and it will determine whether they click on your site or move on to a site that promises more interesting content.

Right Title

Choosing the right titles is something that takes practice, but the results will pay off. You can learn how to create titles that will attract visitors to your site.

Simple language

It is important for the title to have simple language that the readers will understand. Avoid using technical terms in the title as this not only confuses readers, they may not even know what the words mean. Readers are looking for something that enhances their understanding and they are not likely to visit a site that is trying to sound “too smart”.

Make sure that the language makes sense logically and triggers the right emotion in your readers. Always remember that there are other places that they can go for the answers they are looking for.


The title reveals what the content is all about and it is important to make this point right from the start. From the title, the reader should be able to come away with some insight as to what to expect from the article.

Having a relevant title will attract the right visitors to your site, those who are actually looking for the content you are presenting. This will ensure that they stay on and read the content, or even buy products or click on the ads. The title should be able to attract traffic that can be converted into sales.

Promise “more”

Your title should use hyperbole to make it stand out from the rest.

It is important to remember that the article will appear alongside others and you should try to come out on top by using phrases like “the best way”, “top tips”, “the ultimate solution” and others. These phrases make the readers think that you may be offering tips or information that others do not have. When you use these titles, your article stands out and the reader feels like they will learn something new that will change their life.

Use lists


Most readers love lists and articles that have steps and different points. These articles are usually much easier to read and they offer readers alternatives. A reader automatically feels that they will find something they like or can do, on the list. This is a great technique for drawing in readers, and they automatically know what to expect.


People automatically want to get answers and they are attracted to topics that promise to answer their questions. Titles that begin with, or have the words “Why”, “how to”, “what to” and others are very effective because they promise to answer questions that the readers have.


It is important to look for titles that address questions that readers have been asking. Most service providers already have a list of FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions and they can use these to come up with relevant titles and articles.

Depending on the content and the target audience, puns and witticisms can be very effective. They make the readers smile and they really want to read the article. The only problem with this is that some people may fail to understand the pun and they will move right on. This should be used only after careful consideration, but should not be at the expense of getting the necessary information across.

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