What Makes iPhone 5 Special

Posted on November 3, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

Let’s get this out there. The iPhone 5 is gorgeous. There’s no two ways about it. This is one beautiful piece of machinery that is bigger, faster and has so much going for it. Here’s what makes the iPhone 5 special.

It looks lovely, sleek and light, with that metal body that looks longer than the other iPhones and other devices. You won’t see Gorilla Glass at the back of the iPhone 5. There’s two tone metal there. The phone has a much larger screen too. This looks like a complete rebuild, not just a redesign and it speaks volumes of Apple’s need for making better devices.


At first glance, the increased screen size does not register, but then you notice what you have when you read notes and documents, organize your home page with more folders and icons and enjoy better video playback with less letterboxing. Hopefully the new screen will get the game and application makers thinking of new ways to wow users. Imagine photo, video,newspaper and magazine apps.

A6 ChipThere’s an A6 chip which offers double the speed and double the graphics than the previous version of the phone. The chip runs on Apple’s CPU based on ARM and not the Cortex A15 as was first thought. Since it comes from Apple’s own think tank, the company has taken all sorts of liberties in the creation of the chip. The company has also tied up with Qualcomm to use its latest single chip, the 28 nanometer MDM9615TE.

But having all this power is not going to give you less battery power because Apple claims to have created a much better battery.Continuing with the special quality of the iPhone 5, users can now enjoy great battery life even with massive internet use. If you’re on Wi-Fi, that’s close to 10 hours. On LTE and 3G, it is about 8 hours. That’s better than anything Apple’s previously given us. Apple also offers support for HSPA, DC-HSPDA, HSPA+, EDGE and EV-D0.

We must talk about the Wi-Fi which is a dual band at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz and with the 220 MHz channels, users get a link rate of 150 Mbps with Wi-Fi. And then there’s LTE, much faster than anything Apple had to offer in the past.

The camera is at the same number, 8 megapixels but what’s new is the sapphire crystal and some cool features like image stabilization, still shots along with video and low light adjustment. As always the iPhone takes great, beautiful pictures.

There’s better navigation, more efficient noise-cancelling and speakerphone and Siri to the rescue like never before. You also get to enjoy Passbook, the wallet application that integrates location to store all your documents like tickets, passes and gift cards. The iPhone 5 allows you to geotag pictures, enjoy better gaming with the graphics chip we discussed earlier and delight inthe superior sound with ramped up earpods.

The good news for Indian Apple Fans is that iPhone 5 is officially available in India and shipping has begun. You can order it online from any of the leading online e-commerce sites. You can also order it through your Mobile Telecom operators in case if they have tied up with apple. Airtel is one such partner. Here are the costs for the various models of iPhone 5 in India:

16 GB Model – Rs. 45,500

32 GB Model – Rs. 52,500

64 GB Model – Rs. 59,500

 There’s so much to like about the iPhone 5- the larger screen, the sleek looks and effects and a better internet and audio experience, to name just a few. This is a phone that many people claim is at the top of the smartphone food chain, so there must be something really special about it.

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    I think that the durability and light material used by Apple in iPhone 5 makes it the perfect smartphone we all need.

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