Fake Status Update From Different Gadgets In Facebook To Trick people

Posted on September 24, 2011 by Nikhil P Naik

Want to update your Facebook status via different Costly Gadgets & devices such as: Blackberry, iPhone, Android etc… without actually using them? Its possible!

Sometime You might have noticed that your friends updating Facebook Status using their mobile phones saying : “via Blackerry”, “via iPhone”, “via Android” and Many more other Famous devices. But Now You can also update your Status without using these Costly devices & Gadgets. (:D)

Just Follow the Simple Steps Given Below

Step 1. Login into your Facebook Account .

Step 2. Now Use Any of the Links given below to Update your Status :


To make your status look like updated from an Android DeviceClick Here















Step 3. As Soon as you Click any of the Link then Click on Allow
Step 4. Now just Type your New Status as the Space Available for it
And when you Click on Update Status button , It will update Your Facebook Status. Its it simple!


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Nikhil Naik has a Master's Degree in Information Systems, and is currently working as a Software Engineer at Microsoft. He also loves playing cricket, listening to music, and traveling. Twitter Handle - @buzz_nikhil.


  1. its all the clepomx facebook creates in our mind that we have an audience.. people do/say everything they do on fb to perform for their intangible audience.. its power comes in that you never have to really take responsibility for what u say/who u say it too, because you don’t know who exactly is looking at any given time its gone as far as people saying “goodnight” and “goodmorning fb!” in statuses as if they are addressing some sort of living thing..

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