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Posted on October 30, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

Working on a website is a solitary pursuit and sometimes it can feel a bit… well boring. As much as you may be proud of your site, and as much as you might be a fan of the niche you’re writing in, this doesn’t change the fact that you are ultimately sat in one place typing and that sometimes you’re not really going to feel like doing so. This is partly what sees many of us fail to update our sites as often as we should, as we end up avoiding doing it as much as possible and ultimately giving up entirely sometimes.

However if you can find ways to make your blogging more interesting, then this can help to make it more bearable and enjoyable even. Here we will look at some ways you can do this so that writing or designing is something you enjoy rather than see as a chore.

Meet your Friends

If you’re not writing, but rather coding your website or handling the design aspects, then it won’t really matter so much if you chat to someone at the same time and you won’t find you get so easily distracted. So go and hole yourself up in a coffee shop to do some programming or to do some design work and then send a few texts out to see if someone wants to sit with you over a nice cup of coffee and have a chat. You can catch up, while at the same time making your site look slick.

Watch a Film

If you’re programming or drawing things in paint then there’s no reason you can’t have the TV on while you work. If you’re writing however then you can still have the TV on on silent and this is actually often surprisingly entertaining even if you don’t have the sound – particularly if it’s something like an action scene (or compilation of them) which you don’t actually need sound for. Tom and Jerry is also a particularly good thing to watch as you can understand the plot and laugh without needing the words (as long as you can touch type). Or if you’re a gamer why not watch a ‘Let’s Play’ of a game you like? Either way it can be enough to entertain you and keep you from getting bored without completely distracting you.

Have Something Nice

Whenever I sit down to work I tend to do so by treating myself to a nice cup of tea. Sitting down with the rain on the window outside and a warm mug of tea is often enough to make this into a pleasant experience rather than a dull one, but if you’re no fan of tea then you can always go with a nice yogurt drink instead (a personal favourite), some cake, or a sandwich. This way you’re almost classically conditioning yourself to enjoy writing or programming.

Listen to Music:

Of course this is what most of us do to make the work into less of a chore, and it can be particularly enjoyable if there’s a particular album out you’ve been wanting to listen to, or if there’s something that puts you in a good mood for work.

Go Elsewhere:

Writing at your desk can understandably get boring and give you cabin fever, so why not head outside with your laptop or tablet? This way you can relax on a deck chair at the beach, or go and check out a pub or café where there’s a bit of a buzz around.

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