Best Android and iPhone Apps to Shed Extra Pounds

Posted on October 11, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

This is the era of smartphones and apps and many people around the world, can’t imagine living without them. And it is because of this reason that today there are apps for anything and everything. For instance, you can use apps for making reservations, downloading videos, getting directions to a particular destination and much more. Similarly, if you want to lose weight and stay fit, you can try using some apps for the same.

Let’s take a look at five new age mobile apps that will help you shed weight easily. You can also have a look at one of our previously posted article which comprises of the Top 5 Free iPhone Apps to Lose Weight.

Lose It! [For iPhone]

Lose that ‘extra bulge’ or your ‘baby fat’ easily with Lose It! – an Android based app that has a simple interface and great features. This app helps you keep track of the food you eat and provides numerous exercises/activities to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For instance, you get instant access to a comprehensive database of various foods and activities, which will help you in keep check on your weight.

Lose it!

Some of the important features in this app include but are not limited to – tracking various nutrients in your food, setting up of recipes for more complicated foods and using barcode scanner to enter details of packaged food. What makes this app more interesting is – you can earn badges for each fitness goal that you complete or each milestone that you achieve and share your progress on Facebook or Twitter with your friends.

Diet Point [For Android]

Diet Point is yet another Android based app in this list and this app consists of a large collection of various diet plans, that’ll help you lose weight by providing a day-by-day and meal-by-meal weight loss guidance. This means, all that you need to do is to watch your diet. Simple isn’t it?

Diet-Point App

Additionally, get loads of weight-loss tips and tricks using this app and innovative meal reminders, which will remind you of your upcoming meals; this app help you speed up your weight loss process and share your progress with others who have the same goal. This and many other useful features make this app a must-have.

Thin-Cam [For iPhone]

The Thin-Cam app consists of a revolutionary technology, which allows you to take a picture of anything and everything that you eat and upload it to your own photograph based Food Diary on the famous website.

Thin Site

You can view these photos later to keep a track of your food intake; this will help you know where you need to control your diet and plan your meals accordingly. Additionally, you’ll get analysis of your food intake/diet by experts through this site along with an access to the site’s huge library of the latest health, nutrition and scientific weight-loss news, videos and total weight-loss programs right on your app screen. Worth trying isn’t it?

Virtual Trainer [For Android, iPhone]

Hiring a physical trainer in the real world can be pretty expensive and literally burn a hole in your pocket. So, why not turn to the virtual world and check out an app, which provides you various fitness training absolutely free of cost? One such app is ‘Virtual Trainer’, which consists of more than 250 exercises.

Virtual trainer

It allows you to create and log your own routine or choose from over 120 programs such as – Cardio programs, Sprint training, Boxing programs and much more. All these programs range from 6-60 minutes and are suitable for any fitness level. This app not only helps you maintain your health, but also helps you stay fit! Way to go!

To conclude

So, in case you are wondering which apps to download on your mobile to lose your weight and stay fit, try using these apps. Otherwise, you can search for similar apps on various online app stores and use them to lose those extra pounds effortlessly.

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