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Posted on October 5, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

Arguably, competition increases innovation – and it could be said that Facebook’s entrance into the desktop and mobile instant messaging world is largely due to the success of independent software vendors such as Athena IT Limited’s Chit Chat for Facebook.

Many of you may be aware of Facebook Messenger for both mobile and desktop, but may not be aware of Chit Chat for Facebook.

Launched in 2009 Chit Chat for Facebook was the first successful instant messenger application for Facebook chat, it was launched as, and has remained, a dedicated Facebook chat client specialising in Facebook messaging. Given its regular updates and three years of development it should be considered a serious candidate as a substitute for your Facebook Messaging experience.

Chit Chat for Facebook

Now, there are many reasons why you might wish to consider swapping from Facebook Messenger to an alternative desktop Facebook IM.

  • Firstly, whilst Facebook Messenger is a perfectly good chat utility it lacks features that you may be used to in your messenger clients – for illustration purposes: shortcut keys, proxy support and online/offline user notification.
  • Secondly, Facebook’s IM requires the .Net framework, so you’ll require Administration Privileges on your computer in order to install it. Plus, you’ll need to ensure that you’ve downloaded and installed Microsoft’s .Net framework.
  • Thirdly, Facebook’s IM is visually rather bland.

Chit Chat for Facebook, a rival Facebook Messenger desktop chatting utility offers many advantages over the official Facebook IM. However, to be completely clear on this point – both provide the same fundamental utility – connecting to the Facebook chat network on your Windows desktop.

Advantages of Chit Chat for Facebook:
  • Keep Window On Top – Ability to place buddy list and IM window above other applications, as such, you can converse easily without having to keep going to-and-fro between Chit Chat and windows.
  • Write To Friends Wall – Directly from the desktop Messenger, in addition, of course to private messaging.
  • Sign In Alerts – Let’s you know when your Facebook friends have logged in to Facebook chat and logged out. You’ll always know who is available and who is not.
  • Musical Updates – This item is perhaps a gimmick, but it is pretty cool – by pressing the “speaker” button on the top of the Facebook buddy list, Chit Chat will update your status with the music that you are listening to.
  • Proxy – Facebook not strictly allowed in your place of work? No problem, Chit Chat supports proxy servers.

To conclude, if you want to Facebook Message your friends but don’t particularly like Facebook Messenger then it may be worth your while checking out Chit Chat for Facebook. You can download it from here – Download Link

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