What Does the Microsoft Surface Tablet Mean for Other Developers?

Posted on October 2, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

Microsoft is one of the largest tech based companies on the planet, and they build their reputation with the software and operating systems they create. They provide operating systems and software for computer makers, PC makers in particular. For years, they’ve had a great working relationship with PC makers, such as HP, but things could change, and they could change soon. With the coming of the Surface tablet from Microsoft, a strain might be developing.

Microsoft Knew They Would Cause Friction with Partners

Even Microsoft acknowledges that the Surface tablets are going to compete with many of the products that their partners also create, which could seem as though it may cause a conflict of interest. The Surface tablet only became known to the world in June, which was a strange time to release the news. With Windows 8 right around the corner, Microsoft had promises from tablet makers that they would create tablets, PCs and devices to use specifically with the OS.

microsoft surface tablet

Did PC and Tablet Makers Know about the Surface?

Those companies had been developing the devices for Windows 8 for some time, but rumors persist that Microsoft never let those developers know, at least not until the last minute. Reports indicate that they only knew about the Surface three days before the rest of the world. This may well have changed plans for some of the manufacturers who now had to compete with a partner. Even though many of the PC and tablet makers claim that they aren’t going to have to change their operations, changes are that this is just their public face on the matter.

Why Did Microsoft Get into the Game?

Microsoft claims that one of the biggest reasons that they decided to get into the tablet business is because that’s where they see people headed. They believe that in the future, people are going to be using their PCs less, and that they will be working on tablets, phones, and other devices, doing the same activities that they once did on PC. While this is probably true, it seems as though it is still going to be a few years before the PC vanishes.

If the Surface is able to deliver on the promises, and if Microsoft is able to develop quality apps and attract app developers, the decision could pay off quite well for them in terms of sales. Only time will tell what’s going to happen.

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