How to Sync iPhone to New Computer?

Posted on September 29, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

The device that revolutionized the smartphone industry and took it to whole new levels of innovation and development has not only been acting as the trendsetter in most of the walks related to a smartphone but also has been able to foster a healthy competition among the companies that are into the smartphone market. And to add icing to the cake, since the launch of Apple iPhone back in 2007, the innovations have been sky high for all the companies in the field, right from the touch interface to the operating systems within the device.

With all the hype about iPhone that comes around with each of its release, the device has been constantly delivering beyond promised performance to its customer base and is one of the most sought after and high selling name in the smartphone industry.

iPhone 4

Moving onto the crux of the write up, we consider the event of synchronizing an iPhone with a new computer; which can be in either of the two cases; first time synchronization with a system or synchronizing an old iPhone with a new personal system. The latter also demands the need for previous data and settings stored on the device to be stored while being synchronized with the new system.

Synchronizing a new iPhone to a Computer

The basic idea behind synching an iPhone to a personal system is to transfer or store all the data and settings of the iPhone onto the system and vice versa. This also acts as an efficient way to timely backup data and settings that turn out to be quite crucial when it comes to a system failure or OS crash.

And to start off with the process, the information exchange can be handled along with an USB connection or via Wi-Fi (provided both the device and the computer are connected to the same network). The next requirement is the iTunes software on the system.

  1. Once the devices are connected (or plugged in), the software automatically determines the new device and prompts for a name to it (for new and first time synching).
  2. Once the basic set-up is done, the next step begins the basic synchronization, wherein the default selected options and fields are synchronized and transferred between the device and the computer.
  3. One can also choose the required fields to synchronize for successive transfers under Edit-Preferences-Device

What next? It’s all up to the user to decide what to sync thereafter and to create backup copies of the data and setting time to time (by default iTunes automatically creates a back-up copy before every synchronization).

Synchronizing an iPhone to a new computer

Now for the next possibility to take care of is to synchronize the iPhone with a new computer without losing any data on the phone. It is universally known that iPhone and iPod alike can be synched to a single computer at a time and changing the machine replaces the whole lot of data ad settings. A way out of it?

To use the Apple’s innovative ‘Home Sharing’ which is an innovative way to share data within different computers registered to an Apple ID. So, simpler as it sounds, the steps are as follows:

  1. Enable ‘Home Sharing’ from the previous PC against your Apple ID and begin the transfer phase
  2. Login to iTunes with the same Apple ID on the new computer and set up ‘Home Sharing’ and allow your whole lot of data and settings be remotely transferred to your new system
  3. Once completed, plug the iPhone in and you are done…

Work seamlessly like the same old PC while you preserve your settings and data like before.

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